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RiutBag X35 Backpack

After a short hiatus, the new RiutBag has been launched. The X35 backpack builds on the popular 2017 X25 model with a new Origami-inspired design.

Far from being just a standard backpack, the RiutBag ‘X’ range are 2-in-1 bags, created to cover all uses from the daily commute up to a carry-on item for a short trip.

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If you are unfamiliar with RiutBag, they are a range of secure theft-proof backpacks. Designed to be backwards, all zippers and openings are against your body when the pack is being worn. Therefore removing all entry points for pickpockets and improving urban travel for the user.

The RiutBag X35 Backpack uses its clever origami-inspired design to shape-shift depending on the capacity you need. Designed for city living, commuting and global travel.
~ RiutBag

2 for the Price of 1

However, this new backpack moves beyond secure travel and helps us travel smarter. With the X35s expandable sides, the backpack will transform from a 10l daily use bag up to a 35l pack.

There are two clips on the side and another pair on the top that compress the upper half of the X35. Reducing or expanding the amount of space based on how much you need.

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The RiutBag X35 has a hidden main zipper that allows the backpack to open up to 180º. Inside there are two compartments. The padded laptop sleeve which can hold up to a 15.6″ notebook and a tablet. It is one of the most generous and well-protected laptop sleeves you will find in a backpack.

On the other side is the second area which is separated by a mesh curtain. This divider can be folded away at the base or zipped up around the inside to keep your items more secure.

Understated Secure Design
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<em>A backwards design from forward thinking Image RiutBag<em>

At the base of the X35 is a new larger secure fast access ‘D’ pocket, which is bigger than what we have seen on previous RiutBags. I’ve been making good use of the R15.3 but did feel its D pocket needed just a few extra inches of space.

The ergonomically shaped shoulder straps look the same as on previous models which is a huge positive. They sit very well on your body and do a great job of distributing weight when the bag is heavy.

Finally, the storage is completed by a Quick Stuff pouch at the inner top of the case, which is big enough for headphones without a case. The X35 Backpack is made from an anti-abrasive waterproof fabric and finished in Black.

Just last month I noticed more RiutBags on my daily commute // @TechforTravelUK


Some sections of the RiutBag X35 Backpack look to be similar to that of the RiutBag 15.3 which made my list of Top Travel Gadgets & Luggage for 2019.

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If this is the case then the notebook section with mesh pockets is one of the best padded and spacious I have used. For reference, I use it for a Lenovo Yoga 530 and iPad Pro in a Logitech Case – with room to spare!

  • Dimensions – 55 x 35 x 20cm
  • Weight – 1.4kg
  • Colour Options – Black Only w/Aqua inner liner
  • Capacity – 10l Expandable Up To 35l
  • 2 x Side Mounted Water Bottle Holders
  • Concealed Quick Access ‘D’ Pocket
  • Removable Chest Strap
How Much does the RiutBag X35 Backpack Cost?

As with previous models, RiutBag has launched the X35 Backpack on Kickstarter.

Currently, there is still some early bird offers available, meaning you can pick a RiutBag X35 Backpack up for £120/$153. Once the Kickstarter campaign is over the retail price will be £169. Shipping will be as early as October 2019 for the first backers.

There are also some pretty cool and very generous stretch goals on offer along with a new version of the RiutBag Crush.

Alternatively, you can get £5/$5/€5 off the current range of RiutBags with the {Tech} for Travel referral link when you shop at

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The above shows off the X35 in both the 10l & 35l sizes compared to the smaller Crush Backpack.

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