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SkyValet Carry-On case range.
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SkyValet Carry-On Case

With most travellers now opting for a carry-on case to beat the wait times at airports and qualify for the lowest fares, innovation in the market has exploded!

The team at SkyValet, have not only created a carry-on case for the connected traveller though. They even have a reinvented the wheel!

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Before getting inside to the tech packed features of the SkyValet Carry-On, you’ll notice one very big difference to many other cases. The wheels!

Known as Shark wheels, they have a unique sine wave curve, which gives the appearance of a squashed square. The theory is they provide a much smoother glide over rough, or uneven, surfaces whilst maintaining a normal motion on a smooth floor.

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Shark Wheels ensure a smooth ride Image SkyValet

To keep your technology safe but to hand quickly, the SkyValet has a magnetically locking front pocket. With a one touch push button, the door opens to provide fast access when needed.

Inside the front pouch, you’ll find dedicated pockets for laptop/tablet, travel documents, cables and the 10,000mAh removable battery pack. It’s this power unit that feeds through to the 2 USB ports which are located on the top for easy access.

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The Magnetic door hides a mobile office space for all your tech Image SkyValet

However, if you own one of the newer smartphones that supports Qi Wireless charging then you’ll be more focused on the rear panel of the SkyValet.

With all of the added features and benefits that are included with the SkyValet, we’re happy to say that packing space has not been sacrificed one bit! The Carry-On can comfortably accommodate your needs for up to a week-long trip. ~ SkyValet

A quick squeeze on the latch and down drops a wireless charging pad! But that’s not all. The pad has a spring loaded clamp on it not only enabling it to support different sizes of smartphones, but to hold them in place while the case is in use!

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Secure wireless charging Image SkyValet

If all that’s not enough there is even a bespoke Android/Apple app that will be released with the case. The app can lock/unlock the case and help locate it if you manage to lose it!

The Bluetooth lock is TSA approved and comes with a physical key should you need it. An optional extra will be a Trackimo GPS Tracker. This will work with the smartphone app to provide proximity alerts and global tracking of your case.

The additional $149 fee covers 1 year of global connectivity for tracking and will require a further $5 per month after, should you wish to continue using the service.


This hard-shelled, feature packed carry-on has been crafted to keep your devices safe and ready for use. The secured front compartment behind the magnetic locking door should help you pass through airport security a little quicker!

  • Dimensions – 22 x 8.5 x 14″
  • Weight – 3.8kg (empty)
  • Silver, Rose Gold or Matte Black
  • Capacity – 43l
  • 10,000mAh Power Pack (removable)
  • Dual USB Charging Ports
  • 3G GPS Global Tracker (optional)
  • External Wireless Charging Platform
How Much does the SkyValet Carry-On Cost?

The SkyValet Carry-On case, along with some other models, is currently being funded on the Kickstarter platform. At time of being written, you can purchase the Carry-On for $249.

The retail price after Kickstarter is expected to be in the region of $500!

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Dual USB Ports so your device should never go flat Image SkyValet
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