In April, we were treated to a new partnership in premium cases, and now the TUMI | McLaren 2022 Luggage Collection has been released with four new pieces.

New bags and backpacks to the tUMI McLaren luggage collection for 2022. {Tech} for Travel.
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TUMI | McLaren 2022 Luggage Collection

TUMI, the premium travel and lifestyle brand, became the official luggage partner of F1 motor racing team McLaren at the end of 2019. A couple of months later, the 2021 9-piece collection was released.

The TUMI | McLaren 2022 Luggage Collection adds to the original nine items with four new pieces that match the authentic styling and colour schemes but brings more choice with smaller and lighter packs.

The same sleek lines and supercar elements of the bestselling collection, now in lighter and more compact silhouetts.

TUMI | McLaren 2022 Luggage Collection Halo backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
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Halo Backpack

Taking its name from the new driver protection ring above the cockpit of an F1 car, the new Halo Backpack is a smaller alternative to the original Velocity backpack.

Crafted from the same Black Ballistic Nylon, with a molded front panel and Papaya and Carbon Fiber accents, this backpack is for those who know how to travel light.

The main zipper runs diagonally up the pack to create a narrow ‘A’ opening. Inside there is a main compartment for more oversized items and a padded laptop sleeve placed along the spine of the Halo backpack. On the front of the padded sleeve is a zipper pocket for smaller items.

On the left-hand external wall is a covered USB-A port where you can attach your portable battery pack for when you’re out and about. The bag’s top is a leather quick grab loop and a concealed pocket for your passport.

The pack is completed by an Add-a-Bag hook, a rear luggage sleeve to slide over a carry-on case handle and a TUMI luggage tag.

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M-Tech Soft Satchel from the TUMI McLaren 2022 Luggage Collection. {Tech} for Travel.
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M-Tech Soft Satchel

Offering an alternative to the Quantum duffel, the new M-Tech Soft Satchel is a striking and simply stunning bag for this collection.

The M-Tech differs from the other case as it’s soft-sided instead of the stiffer molded foam panels. This should provide a little more give when being packed. There are two internal open pockets with no other compartments, so the M-Tech is all storage space.

Externally the same TUMI | McLaren Black/Carbon Fiber/Papaya colour scheme adorns the M-Tech Stachel to make it a part of the collection.

The padded shoulder strap is removable if you’d prefer to use the leather carry handles, and there is a single external zipped pocket for smaller items.

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Smaller Pieces

While both the Halo Backpack and M-Tech soft satchel are more compact versions of last years cases, there are some even smaller pieces in the 2022 TUMI | McLaren Luggage collection.

The Brox Slim Utility Pouch can be worn as a Cross Body or around the waist and is ideal for small items or travel documents and has TUMI Tracer®. It has a central storage area and a concealed rear slim pouch for a smartphone.

Finally, the fourth new item is an accessory pack that could be my new favourite tech pack. The Remex Accessory Kit is a 13.25×25.5cm Nylon case with a front opening flap. Inside is a sizable zone for a charger and/or travel adapter and at least 4-5 cables.

There are two zippable pockets for dongles, one of which has a clear plastic window, and the inner lining has an Anti-microbial treatment to ward off germs.

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TUMI | McLaren Luggage Collection Pricing

Although some of the original pieces have seen a price increase since the April launch, the whole collection remains very desirable and at the top end of the premium luggage sector.

Shop the complete collection at

Halo Backpack (new)$850£575
M-Tech Soft Satchel (new)$950£575
Brox Slim Utility Pouch (new)$325£265
Remex Accessory Kit (new)$325£210
Quantum Duffel$1,100£725
Torque Sling$495£390
Lumin Utility Pouch$395£310
Fuel Small Crossbody*$225
Orbit Small Packing Cube$130£90
Trace Expandable Organizer$350£225
Teron Travel Kit$275£225
Nivolet Luggage Tag$85£70
Aero International Carry-On$1,550£995
*Available in North America only
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