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Back in October, McLaren, one of motor racing’s most prestigious teams, and Lat_56°, the ultra-premium luggage brand from Dundee, announced a 4 year partnership.  The deal means Lat_56° will supply the whole of the F1 racing team with luggage.  This will start from the beginning of the 2018 season, which kicks off in Melbourne, March 25th.

Accompanying the announcement were a few sneak peek images of what was to come but nothing confirming what the collection would consist of.  Now the wait is over!


McLaren | Lat_56° 2018 Collection

With a few tweaks and two all new cases,  the collaboration between the iconic brands has delivered a very desirable range of luggage.


Meet the New MCL RW_04 Wheeled Duffel

My one hope after the announcement, and one that was to be expected given the amount of kit race teams travel with; was the introduction of the biggest Lat_56° bag to date.  The new official kit bag is the company’s foray into larger pieces…… and it looks great!


Wrapped in the Lat_56° trademark Military-spec moulded EVA foam and Ballistic Nylon this wheeled duffel case looks luxurious yet, built to handle anything.  On the base is a rubber stopper, and two skid bars on the belly of the bag, to protect the fabrics when in use.  At the top corners you will find rubber bumpers shielding the edges without being overbearing on the final design.

Long term Lat_56° customers will notice the first nod to the new partnerships’ impact on the brand by the colour of the new wheels!  Out is that deep rich red, and in is the McLaren Orange, or Papaya to be correct.


Inside, the Papaya dominates the interior and it works!  I’ve always liked the colour scheme of the original Lat_56° bags.  The red against the nylon and EVA foam really has a lavish feel, but this hue of Orange works even better!  It should be easier to locate those smaller items against the bright fabric.

“The collaboration between McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team and LAT_56 has created a check-in bag fit to dominate the globe. Kit space, durability, pockets & material selection make this the ultimate choice for your world travels.”


There should be no excuse for losing items as this is a Lat_56° case so there will be a pouch for everything!  Storage is not an issue with two netted pockets on the inside wall of the bag, a zipper pocket on the opposite exterior wall, and a large netted section on the underside of the top surface.


Each Wheeled Duffel comes with a luggage tag, shoe bag and Lat_56° TSA Approved combination padlock.

  • Empty Weight 5kg
  • Dimensions 70 x 45 x 35cm
  • 5-Year Limited Lifetime Guarantee

…… And The Rest?

The other new item is the Pilot Case (MCL RW_03).  A bespoke design made for McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team executives and engineers in mind.  It will be ideal for those mobile workers who take a portable office on their travels.  The padded laptop section looks incredibly soft yet safe!


Beyond the new Wheeled Duffel and Pilot case, the other items in this range have been converted from the current offerings into the new McLaren colours.

“This is everything you’ll ever need. The best assistant you ever had. Sharp. Smart. Efficient. This is A to B with attitude. Speed through check-in. Take off relaxed. Arrive ready to take on the world.This is NASA-spec materials. Considered thinking. Patented features. Enduring style.”


The bags and cases include all the same features but come with new product numbers to differentiate between the originals and the new racing team items.  That is if the joint logos and Papaya didn’t already give it away!



If you have been thinking of purchasing a Lat_56° case, now is a great time.  All items in the new collection are subject to a pre-order discount rate until 31st December ’17.

The new Wheeled Duffel and Pilot case will both retail at £449.  You can view and purchase the new range, at discounted prices, in the McLaren | Lat_56° portal.

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