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With the holiday season just around the corner, most of us will be travelling to be with friends and family during Christmas.  For families with small children, this can be a stressful event!  With more people than ever on the roads, stations and airports parents need every bit of help they can get.  Mountain Buggy may have the answer!



Bagrider™️ by Mountain Buggy

Travelling with young children can be hard work!  Whether by air, sea or land each has its own unique challenges, which is why the Bagrider may well be the perfect case for your family travels, with its unique ride-on harness; your carry-on converts easily into a buggy!




Suitable for children up to 4 years of age (15kg in weight or under), the Bagrider can support your child thanks to the harness and additional support wheels that pull out when in ride mode.

To unlock the child ride-on mode just turn the switch on the back of the case to the unlock symbol.  Then pull out the telescopic handle, which in turn will release the two support wheels!



The harness is pulled over the telescopic handle and fastened to a hook inside the case.  This means the zips are not fully done up during ride on usage but will not be accessible as your child is sat above the small opening.

They are also curved by design, so you can still have them reach other and be padlocked if required.




Once you have fastened the 5 point safety harness to the case, you can adjust it to your child.  There are two height slots for the shoulder straps, which are also adjustable to provide the best possible fit.

The good news is that all this conversion from case to buggy does not reduce the capacity!  At 35l, the Bagrider is on par with most other carry-on cases!  Attention to detail can be found in the dimensions of the case as it is narrow enough to stay in buggy mode once you are on an aeroplane and make your way down the aisle!  Leaving you with both hands to get settled before moving your child from case to seat!



This hard-shell carry-on meets the carry-on size requirements for all major airlines whilst giving you a helping hand with your toddler along the way!

  • Dimensions (h)52 x (w)38 x (d)26cm
  • Weight 5kg
  • Maximum Child Weight for Buggy is 15kg or 33lb
  • Volume 35 litres
  • Colour Option, Black only.





The Bagrider Carry-On case is £99 direct from Mountain Buggy.  If you are an Amazon Prime member you might want to look on Amazon where it is currently retailing at £81, although currently Out of Stock.



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