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Best backpack for Apple MacBook Pro 16" laptop. STM Myth 18L Backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
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✔️ Build quality is superb✘ Pockets accessible to others
✔️ SlingTech Laptop pouch✘ No stretch on internal pockets
✔️ Fleece lined interior✘ Top grab handle
✔️ Supportive Back panel✘ No Water bottle pocket
✔️ A place for all modern Tech

{Tech} for Travel Says….
Hands-On Review: It’s clear to see the digital nomad was the target audience with the STM Myth Backpack 18L. With a place for every piece of tech, the build quality is some of the best I’ve seen on a backpack recently.

If you love the features but need more space, STM has a 28L version for the heavy packers.

STM Myth Backpack 18L

The Myth collection comprises of 6 pieces, one of which is the 18L Backpack, from Australian brand STM Goods.

Set up over 20 years ago to design and build bags specifically for our digital tech, whilst maintaining style and functionality. STM Goods now boast 8 different collections, from tablet cases up to large backpack.

STM Goods Myth Backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
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If you are someone who can’t travel without a laptop/notebook then you will appreciate keeping it safe and secure. STM has fitted out its Myth Backpacks with a SlingTech pocket to provide the best possible support for when you are on the move.

SlingTech Laptop Protection

I was expecting something substantial when I first opened the backpack, only to be met with a series of pockets.

The SlingTech design has been built into the largest pouch, out of sight but key to protecting your notebook. This keeps the design neat and uniform, but did it deliver?

Yes! And it’s a very clever design. Reaching down inside the SlingTech area, every edge was well padded and suspended within the bag, keeping your laptop secure at all times.

Most so-called ‘laptop protection’ packs and briefs use a foam padding design that has a major flaw: corner gaps. Our proprietary SlingTech features extra padding and gapless corners that suspend your device away from the edge of the bag, isolating it from the bump zone.

STM Goods

And, to ensure maximum protection the whole area is fleece lined for a soft surface. The original press info suggested laptops up to a 15″ screen would fit inside the Myth 18L.

Inside the Myth Backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>16 MacBook Pro fits nicely Image Tech for Travel<em><center>

Good news then for anyone lucky enough to be using the new 16″ MacBook Pro, it fits perfectly. In fact, during the review of the STM Myth backpack, it seemed better suited to the 16″ over my 13″ MacBook Pro.

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Pockets Everywhere

Apart from the SlingTech pocket, inside the Myth 18L Backpack, there are a further 10 compartments of various sizes. This is where I do have a minor complaint. None of the pockets stretches at all.

STM logo on the Myth 18L Backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Polyester fabric print Myth 18L Image Tech for Travel<em><center>

As an example, I could get a 16″ MacBook Pro and an iPad into the bag, but the iPad would have to be removed from its case. Just a little bit of give would easily change this.

Each of the smaller pockets is perfect for power adapters/chargers, digital pens, cables and mice. As they all face inwards to the pack, when fully loaded there is still some internal space, but not much.

The Myth 18L Backpack is designed for the purpose of containing your digital world and little else. This is a good thing providing you are a disciplined packer.

a backpack on the ground
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Exterior Design

My first impression of the Myth Backpack was that it’ll probably attract dirt as the finish appears almost fabric like. However, all three of the colour options are all made from a water repellant 100% polyester.

This might not be the most desirable of materials but STM has done a great job in hiding this with the print design on each of the options.

The minimalist exterior design has two semi-concealed pockets, reflective strips, a top grab handle and a metal STM logo. A quick-access pocket at the very top is again, fleece-lined and good for sunglasses or smaller devices.

Air-Flow Panel

On the back, the well-padded shoulder straps are embossed with another logo along with a chest strap. The Air-Flow back panel has cleverly been split in two to allow for a luggage strap to be incorporated into it.

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It’s how the straps have been fitted though, that make the Air-Flow system work so well on the Myth 18L Backpack. At the top, a padded, rigid panel slightly extends out which sits on the top of your shoulders.

This results in the backpack resting properly on your back allowing the Air-Flow to work as intended. Most other backpack straps start from the top of the bag, resulting in slouching down your back.

Slate Blue, Windsor Wine and Granite Black colour options for the STM Myth 18L backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Three Colour Options Image STM Goods<em><center>


Even if you’re not intending to use the Myth for many devices, with 11 internal and 2 external pockets storage is plentiful but controlled. The lack of stretch in the pockets can prove a bit restrictive with larger items.

But even when it is fully loaded and heavy, the straps and Air-Flow work together for a comfortable and sweat-free fit.

  • Dimensions – 45 x 29 x 15 cm
  • Weight – 1kg
  • Colour Options – Granite Black | Slate Blue | Windsor Wine
  • SlingTech Laptop Compartment
  • Luggage Pass-Through
  • Water Repellant Outer Coating
  • Internal CableReady System
  • Protected Main Zipper
  • Air Flow Back Panel

How Much Does the STM Myth 18L Backpack Cost?

The 18L Myth Backpack is on sale for $119 direct from STM Goods. There is currently free USPS – Priority Mail shipping on orders over $49.

Alternatively, you can find the Myth Backpack in at Amazon from £85.

You can make a set as the 18L backpack is part of a 6-piece range from STM, which includes:

// Media STM Goods YouTube Channel.

Final Thoughts…

When the STM Myth 18L Backpack first arrived with me for the review, the stiffness of the back panel and shoulder straps were a concern. However, they both moulded perfectly after a few uses to my posture and build.

You do need to be a disciplined packer with the Myth 18L, there is a home for each device and little spare for anything else. But, this works for travellers, like myself, who prefer a more organised and regimented backpack.

The 28L has the same features and build quality, but with more space for those unexpected items.

Overall, the few minor negatives I’ve highlighted really do not detract from the Myth being a superb digital nomads backpack that offers superior protection to your notebook.

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