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For Apple users and fans alike, any Apple event, is a big event! The Worldwide Developers Conference, is a more software focused occasion but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing any new hardware!



Apple have now confirmed WWDC 2018 will run from June 4th until the 8th and will once again be held in San Jose, California.  The event is mostly attended by developers, and such is the demand, Apple run a lottery system for the right to purchase a $1599 ticket!

“Every year, WWDC provides an opportunity for millions of developers to learn more about how to create new experiences across Apple’s platforms for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac and HomePod. A broad range of robust developer APIs, including SiriKit, HomeKit, HealthKit, GymKit, MusicKit, ResearchKit, and CoreML, give developers new ways to help users take command of everything from their health and homes, to how they get around, shop and learn. Last year at WWDC Apple debuted ARKit, and since then, developers with apps in every category on the App Store have embraced inventive ways to engage customers with virtual experiences overlaid in the real world.” ~ Apple Newsroom.

The event is not normally a platform for the big hardware launches but they can, and do, happen!  Last years event, for example, gave us the all new 10.5″  iPad Pro along with some upgrade MacBooks.  However, the 2 years prior to 2017 were non events on the device front.

So as Tim Cook takes to the stage on the 4th to deliver his keynote and get WWDC 2018 under way, we will only then find out if Apple has any new hardware to share with us all!


If you are looking for, or about to invest in a new device (Apple or other) then it is always worth waiting to see what comes from these events.  You can then either get the latest tech, or pick up a deal on a slightly older model.  That is, if anything is launched!

There are a few rumors of cheaper, or entry-level, iPads and MacBooks that could be announced, but nothing is certain until the 4th.  Check back here then for a summary of all the big announcements from the event, followed by any hardware previews!

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If you can’t wait that long, you can watch the keynote from 2017, if you have a spare 2 hours!

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