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I’ve written about Turo a couple of times.  I am a fan of their platform and that they have shaken up the car rental industry…… all from your smart phone!  Looking back over those articles, I always made reference to this being a way to drive that fantasy car you’ve always wanted.  Now the app has made it even easier!

Turo Introduce Dream Car Filters

Turo is a care hire peer-to-peer app that links car owners with those who needed them!  A new update is currently being pushed out to users of Turo that will make finding and driving that exotic car a little easier!


Once you’ve installed the update you’ll have two new filters you can apply to your search, Deluxe and Super Deluxe classes.  The first is for drivers aged 25 years and over (currently 30 but will be reduced) with cars valued at $55-$85k.  The latter is for anyone 30+ years old and vehicles valued at $85k and up.  There will also be badges added to the car pages to identify them.

There will also be some fine tuning to the manual review process renters have so far had to go through before driving such cars.  The system will now be fully automated and handled directly in the app!


“Approved drivers aged 25 and older, but under 30, will need to pay a US$1,500 deposit and will be required to select one of the protection plans offered via Turo. If guests have personal insurance that provides comprehensive and collision damage, they can enter their insurance information to get $500 knocked off their deposit.”

~ Turo Press Release.

At present these filters only work for rentals in the US so I picked a weekend in July and a location I know is not short on dream cars…. Las Vegas!  At the ‘low’ end of the range I was able to find a Mercedes C-Class and a Maserati Ghibli both for under $120 a day!!


Where as at the other end of the scale the top Super Deluxe Class cars available included A 2012 Ferrari California and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage.


Turo App

You can download the Turo App for free on Android and Apple App stores.

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