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Ever been given the room next to the lifts or the very loud people, when checking into a hotel?  Maybe, a low-level one with plenty of traffic noise?

One thing we all need to function efficiently is sleep.  Most of us are guilty of not getting enough, but when outside factors such as the above come in to play when travelling; a lack of sleep can ruin your trip!

Bose are renowned for sound!  Through their industry leading speakers and headphones, they are arguably the market leaders for quality audio products in most sectors.  Now they are reversing this to neutralise noise while we sleep.


Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

With the Sleepbuds, Bose are taking their in ear and noise cancelling/isolating technology to provide more peace and less party!  

Each one of the 7.6 billion people on this planet needs to sleep to live. Unfortunately, while most people appreciate the importance of exercise and nutrition to overall wellness, they don’t understand that proper sleep is just as important. The goal of the team behind Bose noise-masking sleepbuds™ is to help change that. 

– Bose



The Sleepbuds have been designed to wear during your sleep with as little discomfort as possible.  With the ultra soft StayHear+ wing tips, they sit just inside of your ear.  Then the noise isolating ear tips create a seal to support the noise masking.

Through a combination of passively attenuating eartips and Bose engineering the noise masking works by playing ‘soothing’ sounds that are meant to be similar to noises you are troubled by when sleeping!


Amazingly the Sleepbuds have a 2 night battery life and onboard storage for 10 preloaded sounds, such as nature.  The claim is that these will render the most common bedroom noises obsolete, while still allowing in noises such as a smoke alarm.

There is an accompanying Smartphone App which brings additional features and controls.  From the app you can configure the volume, length and times you with the Sleepbuds to be active, and even set an in ear alarm!



Although Bose is a well established brand, the Sleepbuds represent a move into a new market for the company.  To begin with they will not be on general sale, instead Bose have teamed up with Indiegogo.  The Sleepbuds are $135 and only open to US Residents.

This is 45% off the expected retail price and Bose hope it will encourage a selection of eager and dedicated beta testers to move the Sleepbuds into production and general sale.


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