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As the world gets smarter, so must our devices and property.  If that’s not achievable then we need to make it so with the help of technology such as trackers!  A market that is currently booming thanks to better Bluetooth connectivity and cheaper data plans for the GPS variety.

There are many articles on the site covering every type of tracker on the market and I’m currently road testing the new V-Bag from Vodafone.  Now, iTraq after two very successful campaigns on Indiegogo, are back and straight to market with their latest tracker!





iTraq Nano

“Third time’s a charm” as the saying goes!  Not that the original iTraqs or iTraq+ were not successful, but the new Nano appears to have a tick against every box when building a new tracking device.




This small tracker could fit easily into the palm of your hand, yet it is packed full of technology to keep your luggage, devices and even yourself, safe!

The Nano measures in at just 52 x 52 x 11mm and can be located in almost any country in the world using the 2G/3G GSM Network.  It has a built-in SIM which does come with a monthly subscription of $5.90 (or $59 annually) with the first month being free.  There is no mention yet if this is a recurring monthly contract, so you should be good for activating/reactivating the SIM as and when you need it.

A quoted 2 month battery life in-between charges is an impressive claim and should provide ample time for the Nano to remain on whilst you locate your missing luggage!  A full charge takes only 3 hours and is done via the included wireless charging plate.




The Nano is also water and dust resistant with an IP67 rating, which means it can still work after being immersed in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes!

Finally, on the outside, is an SOS button.  So once you, and your luggage, have made it safely to your destination, take the Nano out of your case and put it into your pocket in case of an emergency!  Once pressed for 5 seconds the Nano will send an alert with your GPS coordinates to a list of your friends and family.


Free App

To build your list and configure the Nano to do some other useful tracking capabilities you need to install the free iTraq app which is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Once you have registered the Nano with the app you can make use of the many sensors within the device.  But the most useful for travellers will be the boundary alert or Geofencing.  Using the app you can set a radius around a location, your hotel/campsite/parked car/belongings, and it the Nano, or the device/s it is attached too, leave that area the app will notify you, and help you track it!





The Nano looks to be iTraqs best offering to date! With so much packed into such a small device and so much more to offer than just tracking your luggage, if you are often a solo traveller this could be a must have device!

  • Dimensions – 52x52x11mm
  • Weight  – 40g
  • IP67 Rated Water & Dust Resistant
  • SOS Signal
  • GPS, GLONASS, Cellular, Wi-Fi, iBeacon Microlocation
  • 3 Hour Full Charge Time
  • Up To 2 Months Use on a Single Charge
  • 600 mAh Lithium-ion Battery





The iTraq Nano is currently available for Pre-Order at $109, this price includes 1 month of free tracking up to 2,000 location reports.  Then the tracker is $5.90 for each month you wish to use it, or you can get a years cover for $59.


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    • It can track your lugagge or other personal belongings. It is especially useful if you have connecting flights. If your bags do get lost it can take airlines a while to work out where they lost them. This tells you!

  1. I really love how small this is. I also like that you can put it in your luggage and have it track your luggage (for all the times luggage gets lost), and that you can keep it on your person when you travel just in case something terrible happens and family back home needs to know exactly where you are. Safety first!

  2. I have the earlier versions and the company has been very good to work with. Their very first model was superseded by tech change so they offered a reasonable upgrade path to the newer models. They work well flying brewer the EU, US and Africa in my experience, with a reasonable charge life. The added sensors are handy and I look forward to this even more portable option. Should be good for bicycle security as well

    • Thanks for the feedback and it’s good to know they offered an upgrade scheme to a newer model. I was unaware they offered that!

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