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During CES 2018 I spent some time with Tom Haflinger, Founder of Zendure.  The stand had several of their devices that I wanted to get some hands on time with, but as they had just started a new Indiegogo campaign for their latest Portable Power Pack, I began with the new X6!


Zendure X6 Portable Power Bank

Choosing the right power pack can be a bit of a personal dilemma.  Some don’t mind the larger heavier types if they get the power, where as others may prefer smaller lighter options for quick top ups!  I’m somewhere in the middle.  I look for the smallest, most compact lightweight unit that gives the most amount of charges.

Although many places of travel are installing USB power ports for travellers, I never leave home without a Power pack!  In my day-to-day life I have 5 devices that need power fairly often (yes I’m a heavy user of tech!), and despite being fairly good at getting them on charge over night  I cannot afford to be caught short when on the go!  The X6, has been designed for people like me in mind.



The X6 is incredibly compact for the power and performance it can deliver!  Even now they are still improving the final version, with an update this week implementing a USB hub into the device!

On the outside the X6 has the unique Zendure styling.  Despite the ridges, many may be used to seeing from their A-Series, have been feathered out and given a softer appearance, the feel though, is still of a premium product!

One of my current favorite design features for devices is an integrated LED display, and Zendure have done a great job on the X6.  Sat in between two of the USB ports, you would not even notice it until you press the power button or plug it in to charge.  I found it easy to read from any angle and in fairly poor light.


Inside the sleek design is a 20,100mAh Battery pack that can simultaneously charge up to 5 devices,  and this is where the X6 gets clever!

If, like me, you have smaller devices such as a fitness tracker or Bluetooth headphones, you may struggle to get a decent charge in to them from some other portable power packs. This is due to them not pulling enough of a charge from the battery pack and thus the pack shuts down as it is unaware your devices are attached and wanting to be charged!

With the X6 a double tap on the power button brings up an “X” on the LED display and the device is now in Low Power Charging Mode!  So those on the go and away from power can charge anything from a wearable up to your USB-C Notebook!


Being off grid has never been easier thanks to the Low Power mode, but I did find the X6 is too “good-looking” for the great outdoors!  Maybe a rubberized outer case, as an accessory, might persuade me to use it for prolonged periods outside when hiking or camping!

At the other end of the charging spectrum the X6 can handle the latest smartphones and even games consoles!


All of this, with each one being delivered from a single fully charged power pack!  To charge the X6 you will only need to have it connected to the mains for 3 hours before you head out (or solar if already out!).  And if you find yourself in one of those ‘high end’ hotels with only one accessible power point, fear not as the X6 has a pass through and UPS feature!

With Pass through, you can charge your devices while topping up the batteries in your X6.  Then the UPS feature keeps a steady stream of power to your devices when you disconnect the X6 from its power source.


As I mentioned at the start, Zendure have now added a USB Hub capability with the X6.  A long press of the power button, whilst connected to your USB-C notebook, will turn the  LED display to flash “H”.  Now you have an easy method for USB data transferring on the go!


For a Power Pack that fits into a large jacket pocket the amount of technology wrapped up under the casing is plentiful!

  • Dimensions – 110 x 64 x 42mm
  • Weight – 386g
  • Colour Options – Black, White.
  • Capacity – 20,100mAh
  • Input – USB-C PD 5-20v (max input 45w)
  • Output – USB-C x1, QC Port x1, ZEN+ Ports x3


Zendure have launched the X6 via Indiegogo where you can currently purchase one for $69 (+ shipping).  At present the delivery date has been set for June 2018.

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