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MYNT Smart Tracker

The bluetooth tracker world is a crowded one.  All the brands are fighting for that top spot and your hard-earned cash by continually trying to evolve and release their next new iteration of their product.  Usually, this involves a very slight aesthetic tweak, a new colour or a few millimeters shaved of the sides.  Slightech tore up this process and have created the MYNT;  a Bluetooth tracker that doubles up as a wireless remote for your Bluetooth enabled devices.  Then there is the styling!


The Tracker

Unlike other trackers, MYNT is fully customisable for how you want to use it and keep your belongings safe.  Business travellers can constantly be on the go, so having an insurance policy like MYNT is worth the money.  My favorite and most relied upon setting is the sensitivity setting.

This feature can hold off on alarming you should you briefly walk away from your belonging that it is attached too.  The minimum is 15 seconds, which is what I use so I can never get to far away before being alerted.  However, once you get home, your hotel or office you might not want this.  MYNT has Safe Zones which are areas such as these where you can command it to “stand down” once you enter any of these.

A little time at the beginning configuring this device, lends for effortless use!  No matter how frequently you travel and move around, a MYNT device will keep you in touch with your valuables.


To configure your MYNT tracker you need to use one of their three free Apps ( Android | iOS | Mac OS X ).  There is no difference between the two mobile OS in terms of functionality and the desktop version, although has a slightly different user interface, the options are mostly the same.

When you first use a MYNT you need to give it access that you sometimes may otherwise decline.  You need to allow Notifications, location and certain data for nearby Bluetooth devices.  This is true of any Bluetooth tracker otherwise they would not work.


Should you manage to lose something and not see your notifications, then you can make use of the MYNT Crowd GPS support.  Flag your device as lost, and any MYNT user who passes by it, within 150ft, will send a notification to your smartphone with an update of its location.  Anywhere in the world!

Finally, if like me, you are able to lose items in the room you are sat in, then you can make use of the 2 way ringer.  In the app tap Ring and your device will chime until you find it.  Better yet, lost your phone but not your MYNT? Not a problem, just press and hold the LED button on the device and your smartphone will ring until you release the button.  Even if the phone is on silent!

The Remote

This is how MYNT differences itself from other trackers on the market.  When it is not helping you find your devices, you can configure it to control most of your Bluetooth enabled devices.

I have found this to be so useful, both when travelling and at home.  Mostly I used the MYNT to control the Blackberry KEYone which was streaming podcasts to the Anker Bluetooth speaker.  It comes with some preset remote options, such as Presentation, Camera or Music and you can also build custom options.  Each option has 5 controls; Single, Double and Triple clicks then hold and click hold.  My only gripe was I could not use the desktop version to edit these!



The MYNT comes in 4 colour options; Black, Silver, Blue and yellow, all finished in stainless steel.  They look and feel great, in your hand and would not look out-of-place in any business environment.  I left mine on my desk and everyone who stopped by, picks it up.  It draws attention, and that is what I like about this tracker, you want it to be seen!


  • Size – 5.5 x 2.5 x 0.35 cm
  • 50M or 150ft depending on obstructions
  • IP43 Water Resistance (ok for use in the rain)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • CR2020 Battery lasts for up to 12 months/Replaceable

Unlike most trackers the MYNT does have a replaceable battery and even ships with a spare! How good or effective that spare will be in a years time, I’m still to discover.



The MYNT Bluetooth Smart tracker can be purchased directly from Slightech for $19.99, or purchase 2 for $49.98 and get a third free!  Alternatively, you can get a single MYNT on Amazon for £18.99 or a 4-pack for £59.99.  Both are Prime eligible.

In Summary

Slightech have really turned the Bluetooth tracker market on its head with the MYNT.  It does more than the competition and doubles up as a useful Bluetooth remote that does work really well.  I’ve found a few instructions within the apps, slightly strange due to poor use of English but I still understood what was meant by them, and in the time I have been testing, there have been several app updates.

All in for such a reasonable price, can you afford not to track your expensive items when travelling?

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  1. OMG, you had me at ‘lost your phone,’ I don’t care what else this tracker can do but if it can help me find my phone then I NEED this! I seriously have lost my phone three time last week, in our own house. My husband had to call it, and one time we still couldn’t find it. I am going to check this out!

  2. MYNT does a lot for such a low price. I figured this device would range around 100 or more. I’m shocked at the affordability and all it has to offer. I love the sleek design as well. Definitely make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.

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