Are you looking to enhance your Apple AirTags experience? Check out our top picks for the Best Apple AirTags Accessories 2023. From stylish cases to reliable keychains, we’ve got you covered!

Apple AirTags are a fantastic travel companion due to their compact size, lightweight design, and powerful tracking capabilities. Attach one to your luggage, backpack, or any other valuable item, and you can easily keep track of your belongings using the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.

10 Best Apple AirTags Accessories 2023

11. Caseology Vault

If you want a simple yet robust and reliable holster for an AirTag to attach to your keys or a Backpack, then the Caseology Vault is a great choice. Made from toughened TPU plastic and supplied with a carabiner, the Vault helps you to attach an AirTag to almost any item with a loop to secure it.

10. Bellroy Tag Case

When simplicity and protection matter, the Bellroy Tag Case is an ideal option for any luggage-protecting AirTag. Made from premium eco-tanned leather that looks better as it ages, the Bellroy case suits almost any traveller.

9. Spigen Wristband Play 360

Theme parks, busy city centres, and crowded beaches are all places a child could become separated from their parents. The wearable Spigen Wristband Play 360 harnesses the power of AirTag in a wrist-worn strap, helping parents with peace of mind during family outings.

8. Wave Case AirTag

When the materials used are just as important as the product itself, the Wave Case keyring case is what you need. Made from biodegradable materials, this AirTag accessory is more eco-friendly than most.

Designed to fit snugly over an AirTag for a secure fit and hold and a metal ring to fasten the case to keys or a compatible loop.

7. Nomad Goods Card

An AirTag is far from wallet-friendly. However, the Nomad Goods Card for AirTag goes a long way to feathering out the pebble-like shape of the tracker and will give it a secure home in most wallets. Nomad does note that an AirTag is the same thickness as teen credit cards, so larger wallets are better, or most purses will be fine too.

6. STM Goods AirStrip

Due to the size and shape, AirTags can sometimes be challenging to attach to the items you wish to track. The STM AirStrip is an ideal solution for rental bikes. E-scooters or even rented strollers at a Disney Resort. Each silicone strip holds a single AirTag and can be adjusted to four sizes to fit large or awkwardly sized items. For long-term car rentals or Turo rentals, check out the STM StickAir.

5. WAIRCO Snap Holder

Another child-friendly AirTag solution which is slightly more discrete than the Spigen Wristband Play 360 is the Wairco Snap Holder, which comes in four colours. This AirTag solution attaches to any item of clothing, inside or out, and stays in place no matter how active the child is.

4. Belkin Secure Carabiner

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When practical, secure, solid and affordable are all essential buying requirements, try out the Belkin Secure Carabiner for AirTags. With a simple Snap-in, Clip On process, securing valuable items with AirTag and Belkin becomes a quick and easy process.

3. Apple AirTag Hermès Bicolor Bag Charm

Everyone likes something expensive or adds a touch of luxury and style. What better way to achieve this than by gifting someone an Apple AirTag Hermès bicolour bag charm to go with a favourite carry-on, backpack or handbag. An exclusive Hèrmes AirTag is included.

2. PSRAT Waterproof Strap Mount

DSLR & Mirrorless cameras are expensive and often don’t have much space for an AirTag mount. The PSRAT Strap Mount allows photographers to attach an AirTag to their kit without it getting in the way or hanging off the camera’s body.

1. Moment Hard Shell Mount

Using an AirTag on gadgets with no fixing mechanism is a difficult task. The Moment Hard Shell Mount for AirTags transforms the ultra-wideband tracker into a secure and rugged aramid fibre sticker. Moment even found space to include shock-absorbing foam for further device and AirTag protection.

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