Great Smartphone Cases for Travel…..and Lockdown

Best smartphone cases for travel. {Tech} for Travel.
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Great Smartphone Cases for Travel

I know we are all living in uncertain times at present with heavy restrictions on travel, but it got me wondering. What are some of the best smartphone cases for travel and lockdown?

Usually, our choice of smartphone cover can be a fairly personal one based on style, design, functionality and sometimes protection.

With this in mind, I’ve found 5 cases that are great for travel but will also help out whilst we are all indoors with family or just spending more hours staring into your favourite apps.

New CLCKR smartphone cases come in a selection of colours. {Tech} for Travel.
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CLCKR Grip & Stand Case

The CLCKR case solves two very common issues when using a smartphone; propping it up when watching a movie and dropping your phone when trying to use it single-handed, such as taking a selfie.

At the back of each case is a ‘pop and click’ kickstand that supports your device in both portrait and landscape modes. Making it ideal for family video chats or a feature-length movie during your next flight.

And, the kickstand doubles up as a finger loop.

Serial selfie-takers will be all too aware of the perils in holding a phone out with just one hand whilst trying to tap the camera button.

When used as a loop, the kickstand has enough space for 3-4 fingers which is ample support for your phone when being used with the one hand. The kickstand sits flush inside the case when not in use.

The cases come in a selection of colours/finishes and have versions for all current Apple and Samsung devices. CLCKR is drop tested up to 2 meters and is compatible with all wireless chargers.

Shop CLCKR Grip & Stand Case from $11/£9CLCKR | Amazon

Double the life of your smartphone with a battery case. Best Smartphone cases for travel. {Tech} for Travel.
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AOPAWA Battery Cases

If you are a power-hungry user, find your iPhone constantly running flat, or your kids have drained the battery making Tik Tok videos during lockdown then a battery case might be a good choice.

The AOPAWA Battery Case range is for Apple devices from the 6 up to the 11 Pro Max and provides a welcome boost to your iPhone.

Unlike other battery cases, AOPAWA has maintained a slick level finish without any bumps.

Every model has a Lightning Pass-Thru port so your phone, and case can be charged without the need to separate them each time. At the back is an on/off switch so the case only delivers power when you need it too.

Each case has a different sized battery depending on your iPhone model, but all of them claim to double the life of your iPhone in between charges.

Shop AOPAWA Battery Cases from $29/£24Amazon

Lifeproof Fre is one of the toughest smartphone cases available. {Tech} for Travel.
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LifeProof Frē

Smartphones today are one of the most expensive assets we own & use on a daily basis, so wanting the best overall protection for them is understandable.

The Frē range of cases by LifeProof deliver just that whilst remaining stylish and functional. Drop tested from 2 meters the Frē case has 360º protection for your smartphone thanks to the built-in screen protector.

Designed for all current Apple, Samsung (up to S10+) and Google devices the Frē is waterproof, dust-proof and snow-proof. There is a small hatch cover over the charging port to give the case a IP68 waterproof rating.

All of which means you can go about your business without worrying about your phone.

Shop LifeProof Frē from $29/£24LifeProof | Amazon

Leather Folio case for the Samsung S20 Ultra. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Elegance meets practicality with Shieldon Image Tech for Travel<em><center>
Shieldon Leather Folio Case

One thing I love about the Shieldon Folio case is that it maintains its elegant design across all smartphone types. From the outside, without peeking at the main camera, every case is the same.

The genuine leather shell wraps around your device leaving open areas for just the camera and connectivity ports. Mounted inside, is a TPU rubber bumper case that provides protection to all 4 edges.

Inside of the front cover is three card slots, all of which are protected thanks to the RFID shielding technology built into the case. Finally, the case folds into a landscape kickstand frame so you can watch movies handsfree.

Shieldon Leather Folio Cases are made for Apple & Samsung devices only.

Shop Shieldon Leather Folio Cases from $29/£24Shieldon | Amazon

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Otterbox make some of the most robust and protective smartphone cases. Best Smartphone case for travel. {Tech} for Travel.
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OtterBox Commuter Series

If you prefer a simple bumper only case which still provides the protection you’re device needs then there is little competition to the Commuter Series from OtterBox.

Unfortunately, this case isn’t available for every current popular handset, but if you have one that is you’re in luck.

This case is primarily a soft rubber bumper with a hard plastic spine, which together, give a shockproof case that won’t let you down.

Despite being a fairly slim case, it does add a bit of width and depth to your phone, but that’s a small price to pay for protecting a $1000+ handset.

Shop OtterBox Commuter Series Cases from $29/£24Amazon

… and for those who prefer no case.

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Ohsnap Universal Grip

At just 3mm thin the new Ohsnap grip is ideal for those who want the functionality of a case whilst keeping their device on display as the designers intended.

The Ohsnap Grip works with almost every smartphone and can even be added to your existing case. Firstly, it’s a grip, then a 3-way stand and finally a magnet!

It’s compatible with wireless chargers, comes in a range of colour combinations and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Shop Ohsnap Universal Grip from $19/£15Kickstarter

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