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As Black Friday 2023 rolls around, sifting through hundreds of deals to find the real gems isn’t easy. That’s where {Tech} for Travel comes in. We’re zeroing in on the best travel tech, luggage, and app deals up to and during Black Friday.

Heads up: some of our articles might have affiliate links. If you click and buy something, we might get a small cut. But don’t worry, we’re only spotlighting deals because they’re genuinely great bargains for Black Friday 2023, not because of the affiliate perks.

Black Friday Deal! 50% Off for iPhone, iPad Access

Horizn Studios Black Friday 2023

Horizn Studios is one of the few premium luggage brands that consistently offer tempting sales periods, and for Black Friday 2023, they have delivered again!

For the biggest sales event of the year, Horizn Studios is offering up to 50% off almost its entire site, with the only exceptions being on the Circle One, Special Edition and limited colourway cases. The Circle One was my pick of the Best Carry-On case in 2021 and remains one of the best on the market, but sadly is never included in the sales.

What makes this sale interesting is that Horizn’s luggage works effortlessly well with one another to create unique travel sets or collections to suit every taste.

This Black Friday 2023 Horizn Studios sale ranges from carry-ons (both essential and Smart cases), check-in, Backpacks, Duffels, Cross-Body and accessories, all in a wide selection of colourways.

Horizn Studios Black Friday 2023.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Horizn Studios

What’s on Offer

There’s a wide selection of carry-on cases included in this sale. Horizn offers both Essential and Smart models, with the latter containing an ejectable portable power pack to charge devices. Also, the M5 models boast slightly more storage at 37L over the H5 version, which has 36L and no front pocket.

If you are after a luggage set this Black Friday, the Horizn check-in luggage selection widely matches the carry-on colourways, providing a choice of a matching set or finding colours that will complement each other. Both sizes of Horizn check-in luggage are included with either a 65L or 98L capacity model.

There are five styles of Backpacks in the sale, including the Gion Backpack Pro, which has the headline 50% off, down to just $115.

Black Friday 2023.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Horizn Studios

Where & When

The Horizn Studios Black Friday 2023 sale is now on and runs for a limited time, and stock is strictly limited, so give it all and enjoy it while it lasts!

EDIT: On November 23rd, this article was updated to include the following additional offer from Horizn.

Furthermore, we are offering the code HSxCircularity for an additional 5% off your entire basket, which is combinable with the current Black Friday Sale.

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Black Friday Deal! 50% Off for iPhone, iPad Access
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