As the festive season approaches, the question of what would make the perfect Christmas gift ideas for travellers arises. This year, think beyond the traditional and consider some more innovative travel gadgets, stylish luggage, or a cutting-edge app.

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers.  {Tech} for Travel.

These gifts aren’t just items but gateways to smoother, more enjoyable journeys. Whether it’s tech to keep them connected and entertained on the go, luggage that blends style with functionality, or apps that transform their smartphone into a personal travel assistant, these gifts are sure to earn you the title of ‘Best Gift Giver’.

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Travel Gadget Christmas Gift Guide 2023

14. Pivo Pod Lite

If your loved ones are planning to document their travels, the Pivo Pod Lite and the Pivo+ app will ensure they get the best holiday videos. Powered by AI technology, the Pivo mount, which rotates 360 degrees, automatically tracks your face and body movements, following you at all times and zooming in and out to make sure you’re always in focus and in the frame, transforming a smartphone into a film crew.
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13. Away The Large Everywhere Bag

Embarking on your next journey or simply traversing the daily grind, the Everywhere Bag stands as a testament to functional elegance in the realm of carry-alls. This unisex signature piece boasts a wraparound zipper, unveiling a spacious main compartment for the greatest accessibility. Engineered with a smart trolley sleeve, it clasps securely to any suitcase and is any frequent traveller cheat code for maximising carry-on space.
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12. Tozo S3 Smartwatch

The TOZO S3 smartwatch is an ideal travel companion for several reasons. Its key features include Bluetooth calling, enabling hands-free communication directly from the watch. The large 1.83″ touch screen provides ease of use and clear visibility, enhancing the overall user experience. Health monitoring tools, such as heart rate and sleep tracking, along with blood oxygen measurement, ensure you can keep a close eye on your well-being, particularly important when adjusting to new environments or time zones. With over 100 sports modes, it’s a versatile fitness partner, encouraging an active lifestyle during travels.
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11. Nomad Goods Leather Folio Plus

Discover the Leather Folio Plus, a game-changer for your iPad, blending sleek sophistication with practicality. Made from top-notch, aniline-dyed leather, this folio isn’t about vibrant colours but an aesthetic that grows and changes with you. It’s super versatile, too – flip it into different kickstand positions for a more comfortable experience, whether catching up on videos, diving into a good read, or chatting away on FaceTime.
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10. Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe

This one might technically fall into the “travel gadget” category, but it’s stunning, and any Apple fan would love to come home to one! The HiRise 3 Deluxe stands out with its 15W MagSafe Charger for iPhone and an Apple Watch Fast Charger, ensuring the fastest possible charging. It’s perfect for using your iPhone as a bedside clock in Standby Mode, and the soft vegan leather base doubles as a charging pad for AirPods or a second phone, consolidating your charging needs in one compact, luxurious stand.
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9. Rolling Square AirCard

Rolling Square AirCard

Any frequent traveller would be delighted to receive any Rolling Square gadgets or cables, but the AirCard would make the most welcoming of gifts this year. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Apple Find My network, so it transforms how we keep tabs on our valuables. And for those tricky hide-and-seek moments, the AirCard™ emits a sound 20% louder than an AirTag to guide you to your wallet. AirCard™ redefines connectivity with its digital business card feature. Embedded with an NFC tag and a QR code, it bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds.
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8. MagEasy SNAP Stand Wallet

The SNAP Stand Wallet is a compact and durable RFID accessory, ideal for travellers. Its scratch-resistant, water-resistant design and palm-sized form factor make it perfect for on-the-go use. The wallet securely attaches to MagSafe-compatible cases and devices using built-in magnets, ensuring stability and ease of use. Its flexible stand functionality supports both horizontal and vertical orientations, enhancing the experience of browsing, streaming, and video conferencing.
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7. Gomatic Navigator Collapsible Backpack

The GOMATIC Navigator Collapsible Backpack has been designed to fit perfectly into other GOMATIC travel bags. Once they arrive at the destination, users can take this bag out and use it for their adventures. Features include two external water bottle pockets, an EVA moulded back panel for comfort and tamper-proof zips. It also has a laptop pocket that can fit a 16” laptop and a hydration bladder hook, making it perfect for going from the office to the outdoors. 
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Groov-e Kidz Camera

Budding photographers will love this digital camera from Groov-e, designed especially for kids aged four and above. Available in stylish sky blue or baby pink, its design will pass the ‘cool’ test. It features a 40mp camera, 1080p video capture and a 2-inch HD screen so they can see their vibrant snaps instantly. The functions and controls are designed for little hands and minds, so it’s simple to use, and they can get started right away.
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5. Catalyst Floating Lanyard

The Catalyst floating wrist strap is a game-changer for all the tech-savvy travellers who love water adventures! Picture this: You’re kayaking or splashing around on the beach, and your phone, camera, or keys are safe and buoyant thanks to this versatile, universal wrist strap. No more heart-stopping moments of watching your precious gadgets sink! Its durable design withstands harsh conditions and has an adjustable strap to fit all wrist sizes snugly without irritation. It’s the perfect blend of practicality and style for any water-related outing!
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4. Flighty App

There’s an excellent reason this app won our App of the Year in 2023. Flighty is an elegantly designed and compelling travel app, making it an ideal choice for those constantly on the move. The app stands out with unmatched notifications, providing instant, clear, and unfiltered updates. Flighty is unique in its ability to predict delays, automatically monitor the leading causes of delays, including late inbound aircraft and airspace mandates, and offer FAA access to alert users of potential issues in advance.
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3. WANDRD Tech Bag

The Tech Bag from WANDRD now comes in eight colours and is a remarkable solution for the tech-savvy traveller, catering to your organisational needs, regardless of the journey’s length. Each size, from daily carry to extended trips, is crafted with unique storage features, ensuring your gadgets are not only easily accessible but also well-protected.

2. QDOS Protection

Give the gift of protection with a QDOS Case and Screen protector. QDOS offers case protection for over 15 top smartphones and tablets while supporting wireless and MagSafe charging technologies. The current line of HYBRID SOFT + SNAP Cases is one of the most luxurious cases I’ve tested. Constructed from 73% recycled materials and encased in 100% recycled, FSC-certified packaging, the case’s flexibility is its forte, thanks to the supple TPU frame that comes in various colours to perfectly match your iPhone’s aesthetic. Imagine dropping your phone and not having a single worry, as this case boasts a robust 2m drop protection.

1. Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2

Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 Review

The Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 earbuds are an exceptional gift for travellers due to their cutting-edge technology and user-centric features. They boast a patented Wide-Band Multi-Channel ANC technology that offers unparalleled noise cancellation up to -50 dB, enhancing travel experiences by creating a peaceful audio environment. Furthermore, the user experience is the same for both Apple and Android users.
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