Motorola RAZR (1st Gen) Deal

If ever there was a time to get into the foldable smartphone market, it’s now. While stock lasts, Motorola has slashed $1,000 off its 1st generation RAZR.

This deal smashes last year’s BOGOF deal which, at the time, coincided with Mother’s Day in the US, as does so with this latest deal!

Usually, I’d try to avoid older-gen tech favouring newer models. Still, as the technology is so new in foldable devices, the only big omission from the gen one handset is 5G.

Motorola RAZR deals. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>Motorola RAZR 1st gen Image Motorola<em>

Are Foldable Smartphones any Good?

Yes. And, they are getting better.

Is foldable the future of handsets, though? I’m not so sure.

Personally, I feel that the Motorola RAZR is the best on the market. Most of the competition are phones that fold out into tablets, whereas the RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are average-sized display handsets that fold smaller.

The reason RAZR eclipses the Samsung offering for me comes down to nostalgia. I owned the original and was at CES 6 weeks after Gen 1 was launched to try it out for myself, and I was blown away by how smooth the hinge mechanism is, with little to no visible crease in the display.

Motorola RAZR deals. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>The perfect gift for Mothers Day Image Motorola<em>

The 1st gen model runs on Android 10 and has 128GB of storage, a very respectable 6.2″pOLED foldable display with a smaller gOLED 2.7″ display on the outside.

It comes in a choice of Blush Gold or Noir Black colourways and is suitable for a day of power thanks to the internal 2,510mAh battery.

Where & When

This amazing deal is on now for the US only at, where for a limited period, the Motorola RAZR has $1,000 off and is priced at just $499.

If the $1,000 wasn’t enough to sweeten the deal, the RAZR during this deal period also comes with a free $99 case to protect it on your travels.

Remember, this deal is only while stock lasts, and I expect it’s more of a Mother’s Day promotion in disguise and could end shortly after this coming weekend.

So act fast!

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    • I know, it always makes me wonder about a device when they are so heavily discounted. With the gen 1 RAZR though the price was always going to be high. It’s new technology and hinge design will be a big part of the ticket price. As with all new technology, the price will always drop as they become more mainstream.

  1. $500 is too high for non-5G. It’s like saying you can get a 3G phone for only $99. Unless you live in a place where there will be no 5G for another 2 years it’s not worth it.

    • As I said in the article, I’d prefer the 2nd Gen or the latest model, but here in London 4G is easily returning 200Mbps+ and if this offer was included in the UK I would have jumped at the chance just to own the device.

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