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Hit the Road in Style with Nomad Goods Vehicle Accessories

The new line of Nomad Goods Vehicle Accessories lets you bring the style and flare of Nomad design to the road with three new devices.

iWalk PowerGrip Mag Review: Unparalleled MagSafe Grip

iWalk PowerGrip Mag Review: PowerGrip is an understatement; this iWalk portable 6,000mAh charger has one of the best MagSafe connections I've encountered.

JOBY Beamo MagSafe Ring Light Review: Creating Content on the Move

JOBY Beamo MagSafe Ring Light Review: A super strong magnet and four-stage LED ring light, if you want to improve your travel content, you'll need one of these.

Best Apple MagSafe Accessories 2023

A definitive guide to the best Apple MagSafe accessories 2023 for iPhone 12 and up, including Belkin, Anker, Nomad Goods, JOBY and more.

STM MagPod Review: MagSafe Tripod and Practical iPhone Stand

STM MagPod Review: When you rely on an iPhone for movies, mail, social and everything else whilst travelling, the STM MagPod transforms your device into a platform to easily work from.