The new line of Nomad Goods Vehicle Accessories lets you bring the style and flare of Nomad design to the road.

Nomad Goods Vehicle Accessories.  {Tech} for Travel.
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Nomad Goods Vehicle Accessories

It’s fair to say Nomad Goods cases and accessories make Apple devices look better! It’s that simple.

Whether it’s one of their beautifully styled Watch Straps, a Horween Leather case, or precision-engineered Wireless chargers, they are one of the few companies who can out-trump Apple in the good looks department.

In recent years, Nomad has dabbled in travel tech beyond its power adapters with the Base One and Base Station Mini, but now it’s hitting the road with three new car accessories.

Nomad Goods Vehicle Accessories.  {Tech} for Travel.
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Charge Mount & Mount

The Charge Mount modernises how you charge and use your iPhone while on the road. With multiple powerful magnets to ensure a secure hold of your iPhone, it will provide a secure hold and continue to charge at 7.5W even on rough terrain.

Designed to be sleek and stylish, almost mirroring its housebound bigger sibling, the Base One, it blends durability with sophistication, thanks to its polycarbonate body and glass panel.

The Charge Mount easily attaches to standard vehicle vents, and its ball and socket joint allows for smooth repositioning of your device.

If power isn’t required, The Mount offers the same style and hold without the cable and charging capabilities.

Whether you’re glancing at Apple Maps or answering a call, Charge Mount’s powerful magnets provide secure iPhone attachment and steady charging on even the most rugged roads.

Nomad Goods
Nomad Goods Vehicle Accessories.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Nomad

70W Car Charger

The 70W GaN Car Charger stands out as an essential gadget for tech-savvy travellers. It offers a powerful and efficient charging solution from the 12V socket for various USB-C devices, not just Apple devices.

Its key feature is the robust 70W power output, facilitated through dual USB-C PD (Power Delivery) ports. This makes it ideal for on-the-go scenarios, like car camping, where maintaining device charge is crucial.

What makes the 70W Car Charger excel is its ProCharge power philosophy, which intelligently allocates power to maximise charging efficiency.

When used with a single device, it channels the full power for rapid charging. When two devices charge simultaneously, it smartly distributes 50W to the high-speed blue port and 20W to the black port.

Nomad Goods Vehicle Accessories.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Nomad


The new Nomad Goods Vehicle Accessories range from $45 for the MagSafe Mount and $80 for the Charger Mount. The 70W Gan Dual USB-C Car Charger is $60.

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