It’s back in stock! The elegant, durable, and lightweight Nomad Goods Titanium Band for Apple Watch is perfect for any Watch model. Remember, it’s popular for a reason—it might not stay in stock for long!

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Nomad Goods Titanium Band

Apple Watch owners are arguably more spoilt for choice than other smartwatch owners regarding third-party accessories and strap options. This statement is probably true for any Apple product, though.

With the Watch, however, the quality of these straps is vast, from cheap and cheerful to high-end luxury, such as Apple’s collaboration with Hermès. But the Nomad Goods Titanium Band is now back in stock and is the perfect blend of premium materials, a high-performance clasp, and an eye-catching design. It is ideal for anyone who loves their Apple Watch.

Such is its appeal; the Titanium Band comes in both strap sizes and is often out of stock on the Nomad website. Yet, as of when this article was published, both sizes and colour options are in stock.

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Why Titanium?

The links and buckle on this band are made with Grade 2 Titanium, which means they’re strong, sturdy, and incredibly lightweight. You’ll barely feel them on your wrist, even though they give the bracelet a sleek, metallic appearance, perfect for the upcoming summer months.

Many Apple Watch straps come with a more traditional buckle or a modern take on the buckle in a loop form. On the Titanium Band Nomad has added a powerful Grade N52 magnet for a secure, easy-to-adjust clasp, delivering a neat, effective, and smooth finish to the Band’s minimalist style.

The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating on this Band is a significant addition. It’s specifically engineered to be scratch-resistant, which keeps the Band looking newer for longer. The good news for the more active types is that this Nomad Band is corrosion-resistant and can be worn in water; just rinse it with fresh water afterwards.

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A Perfect Fit & Two Colour Choices

The Nomad Goods Titanium Band comes in two sizes: 45mm/49mm for the larger Watch models and the Ultra series. For the smaller display watches, including the current SE, there is a 40mm/41mm Band.

Nomad wants us to have the perfect fit after investing a sizable amount of hard-earned cash into its premium Band, so they have included a custom tool that lets you add or remove links easily. This ensures everyone gets a perfect fit on their wrist!

The Band comes in two colourways, Black and Natural Titanium, with a more matt silver finish.

So, if you’ve been waiting for a stylish, durable, and practical upgrade for your Apple Watch, the wait is over. The Titanium Band will give your Watch an elegant yet rugged look that fits every occasion.


The Nomad Goods Titanium Band for Apple Watch is in stock now and available for $300/£291 only at

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