Circular, a forerunner in smart ring technology, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Circular Ring Slim. A groundbreaking wearable that is much more than just an accessory and empowers users to maintain and improve personal health when travelling.

Circular Ring Slim health tracker for cycling.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Circular
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Circular Ring Slim

Many travellers prefer not to wear a fitness tracker or smartwatch but like a nice analogue timepiece, which I can relate to.

For all the good a smartwatch delivers, none on the market match a good-looking watch, But I wouldn’t want to lose the functionality I get from one.

The Circular Ring Slim, at a mere 2.2mm in thickness and weighing just 2g, is the world’s slimmest and lightest wearable device. But don’t let its delicate frame fool you – this ring is a powerhouse of health-tracking capabilities.

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Features // Circular Ring Slim

Embedded with advanced sensors, including a three-axis accelerometer, a surface temperature sensor, and cutting-edge PPG sensors, the Circular Ring Slim captures many vital health metrics a smartwatch or other wearable does.

This includes heart and respiratory rates to blood oxygen levels and heart rate variability and can store up to 20 days of health data. Circular states Ring Slim has a Five-day battery life, making it an indispensable companion for the health-conscious traveller.

At night, the Circular Ring Slim transitions into a sleep tracker, recording everything from sleep quality and disturbances to REM cycles and sleep/wake times. It even detects temperature variations during sleep, offering insights into your immune system health.

Waking up at the perfect time is now possible with a gentle vibration from the Ring Slim at the optimal moment in your sleep cycle. The Circular Ring Slim introduces haptic navigation and feedback, a first in the smart ring market and can extend beyond waking you up.

Circular Ring Slim Wearable Health Tracker.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Circular

The Ring Slim can provide discreet medication reminders or guided breathing exercise prompts.

App and Personal AI Health Assistant

The Circular app is the visual and interactive platform where all of the Ring Slim data comes to life for the user and is compatible with external Health apps such as Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

Complementing the Circular Ring Slim and built into the app is Kira+, a conversational AI health assistant. Kira+ will analyse your data to offer customised health recommendations. It learns from your habits and preferences, making its advice more precise and predictive over time. And the best part? All this comes without any additional subscription fees.

Circular Ring Slim Wearable Health Tracker.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Circular
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Specifications // Circular Ring Slim

Dimensions8.8 x 2.2mm
Ring Fit6-13
Sizing Kit Available
Colour OptionsBlack
Battery5 Days
45 min Charge Time
In the BoxRing Slim

Price // Circular Ring Slim

Beginning November 15th, 2023, the Circular Ring Slim will be available for pre-order at a discounted rate of $245. This initial offer provides an exceptional opportunity for early adopters.

Then, from December 15th, 2023, the Circular Ring Slim will be shipped to those who have pre-ordered, and it will revert to its RRP of $275.

Black Friday Deal! 50% Off for iPhone, iPad Access
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