Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch for Healthier Travel

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Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

Fitbit had great success with the Versa and expanded on the original with Lite and Special Edition versions.

Now they’ve revamped the range and released the Versa 2 Smartwatch with more power, more battery life and a nice new display.

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Fitbit has pulled together the best features of each version of the previous generation to create the Versa 2 and label it as a Premium device.

Add in a new faster processor and some under the hood fine-tuning of the software and the Versa 2 could be the health-conscious travellers new wearable.

Improved Hardware

The most noticeable physical change is the screen where the previous 34mm LCD has been replaced with lovely looking 40mm AMOLED Touchscreen display.

There is a new always-on mode for the display but it’s not too kind on the battery performance.

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Under normal use, Fitbit is claiming the battery provides 5+ days of continuous use in between charges.

But, if you decide to use the always-on mode, the battery life is reduced to around 2 days!!

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A full charge should take around 2 hours with the included cable, sadly there’s still no QI Wireless charging on a Fitbit wearable.

Along with Fitbit Pay for contactless payments and Spotify, the Versa 2 comes with a new software addition, Alexa!

Amazon’s virtual assistant comes built-in to the Fitbit but does need your phone to be within 30m for some tasks.

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Sleep Better

Some frequent travellers struggle to gain sufficient sleep due to timezone changes, long haul flights and poor hotel beds. Many wearables today can help you better understand your sleep patterns and the Versa 2 has gone big on this.

The 24/7 optical heart rate scanner not only provides information during your workouts but it teams up with the other sensors to give you a nightly Sleep Score.

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This Score provides you with how well you sleep, including deep sleep, and soon will give data towards an estimated Oxygen Variation Graph. This will be available in a future software update.

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Fitness Tracking

Versa 2, at its core, is a fitness tracker and retains many of the known and trusted features its user’s desire. Most of which go beyond the 15+ exercise modes. and steps tracking.

A combination of six different sensors combine with the Fitbit software to give advice on Cardio fitness levels, offer breathing exercises, track female menstrual cycles and delivery detailed data on your workouts.


With both the Versa and Ionic, Fitbit has done a good job of staying true to their fitness tracker roots as they expand into the Smartwatch area.

If only Fitbit would move to a more generic charging method/cable!

  • Display – 40 x 40mm Touchscreen AMOLED
  • Water-Resistant to 50m
  • 5+ Days Battery Life
  • Enhanced Sleep Tracking
  • Amazon Alexa Built-In
  • Always On Mode (optional)
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Optical Heart Rate Monitor
How Much Does the Fitbit Versa 2 Cost?

The Fitbit Versa 2 will be priced at $199/£199/€199 and go on sale around September 15th, 2019.

At launch, there will be two special editions Versa 2 models each priced at $229/£229/€229. There will be further exclusive editions released before the Xmas period.

Both special and exclusive editions are the same device with different straps and/or housing.

For preorders and to purchase the Versa 2 Smartwatch visit Fitbit.

There will be an Amazon exclusive edition available at launch in a unique Bordeaux Colour option.

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