GoFindMe Tracker – A real-time GPS Positioning Device with no Fees

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GoFindMe GPS Tracker

Positioning devices can often put users off due to monthly or annual fees and that’s where the GoFindMe GPS Tracker will set itself apart from the crowd.

With no subscription fees, annual charges or SIM card rates the upfront price is all you need to pay. The catch? To make the most of it you will want a smartphone.

However, the GoFindMe is not reliant on your phone, in fact, it enhances it by creating a local network within your group via long-range radio technology.

GPS Global tracker for smartphone with no fees. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.wpengine.com.
GoFindMe Global GPS Tracker // Image GoFindMe.


Another way of describing the GoFindMe is as a Long-Range aerial for your smartphone.

How it works is by transmitting encrypted data between each device in your group. The device uses built-in GPS to gain your coordinates and share them over your own private localized network.

One of the biggest challenges for outdoor activities is undoubtedly the communication and safety problem in the wild.

GoFindMe comes as a good assistant, by allowing you to split and group up later easily, interact efficiently and explore safely. GoFindMe.


Each traveller in your party pairs a GoFindMe tracker to their own smartphone via Bluetooth. Each group or localized network can support up to 32 devices.

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There’s a free to download app for Android and Apple smartphones which assists with the set-up steps.

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Before you head out, downloading free maps for offline use will give a better visual display of group member locations based on their GPS coordinates.

When this done you have no further need for Cell or WiFi!

More than just a Tracker

This is where the GoFindMe GPS Tracker really sets itself apart.

Without any connectivity, your smartphone is not much help during an emergency in a forest, for example.

But, thanks to the localized network you can send text messages and even pre-recorded voice messages within your group, updating team members or guiding them to your exact location.

Under an open sky, the GoFindMe tracker has a range of up to 8km!

IP67 Waterproof rating, ideal for the outdoors // Image GoFindMe.

The GoFindMe Tracker remains useful even for those who don’t have a smartphone.

If you are travelling with small children or pets you can configure safe zones within your location. Should a device venture outside of the zone all members can be notified.

SOS Alerting

On the front of the GoFindMe GPS tracker is a single press SOS button. When activated it sends an emergency signal to every group members device irrespective of if they are using a synced smartphone or not.

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At one end there is a strap loop to make attaching the device to yourself or items of clothing easier and the unit itself has an IP67 waterproof rating.

This translates to being submerged in a metre of water for up to 30mins which means it won’t let you down in bad weather.

A full charge will last for around 72 hours, less if you are using mesh mode. But if you have a decent power bank that supports low voltage charging, you could extend this time considerably when off-grid.

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As the GoFindMe is a no monthly fee GPS tracker, all you need to worry about is keeping it charged.

And with the ability to create its own localized network and operate without relying on a cell service, the GoFindMe is a great addition to emergency/disaster packs.

  • Dimensions – 36 x 130 x 17mm
  • Weight – 85g
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Charge Time – Up To 3 hours
  • Battery Life – Up To 72 Hours
  • Emergency SOS Button
  • Speaker
  • Up To 8KM range in open space
  • Mesh Network Capabilities
How Much Does the GoFindMe Global GPS Tracker Cost?

The GoFindMe GPS Tracker has launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo and has already exceeded its funding goal!

A pair of GoFindMe GPS devices is currently priced at $179/£136. Shipping is expected to begin in January 2020.

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