ThinkPad, the flagship laptop range from Lenovo, has long been the device of choice for road warriors and frequent business travellers. But as we face an uncertain new landscape on how work, and work travel, will look, Lenovo has launched a new sub-line called Go accessories.

Lenovo Go

This new line of accessories has been designed to bridge the new gap from a traditional office to working from home and back on the road. Lenovo recently carried out a survey that shows that more than half of us may not be going back to a traditional office environment any time soon, and many happy to adopt a hybrid of office and home working.

In a way this makes more of us work ‘travellers’ as dedicated desks may be no more and we have to carry the tech we need to do our work with us.

In recent years, Lenovo has expanded its business notebook offerings into the more affordable ThinkBook series and even some high-end YOGA models and the good news is the Go accessories will support all of them. This isn’t the first time Lenovo has offered travel accessories for its laptops, though.

ThinkPad being ThinkPad has always been well served with add-ons and accessories to make business travel easier and keep us connected. One of my first ThinkPad T20s came with a hot-swappable spare battery for the cd-drive bay. And that was back in 2002!

“Lenovo Go will focus on helping people work productively, anytime and anywhere.”

What’s New?

To begin with, Lenovo is teasing us with just the first two devices of the Go Accessories range, but has confirmed this will become a whole ecosystem of devices for PC users.

The Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank is promising a single full charge to any USB-C powered notebook that requires 65W or less to charge. This should cover almost all 13″ models and any other USB-C charged device as it has dual USB-C ports.

It’ll have a 20,000mAh internal battery pack to deliver this and has an additional USB-A port so you can share the charge with a smaller device. There is a single integrated USB-C cable hidden along the edge so you’ll never get caught short without a lead.

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Multi-Function Mouse

This is an area I improved in my own tech lineup during the UK lockdown, a multi-function mouse. As the second item announced at the launch of the Lenovo Go line of accessories the new Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse is the first of many input devices for the range and one that won’t run out of batteries the moment you leave home.

Lenovo says this new mouse will work equally well on almost any surface thanks to its blue optical sensor that will deliver precision control when you need it.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a nano receiver allow the Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse to connect up to 3 different devices, including supported tablets, all of which you can switch between at just a press of a button.

Inside is a small 380mAh battery that will last for up to 3 months before needing to be recharged either by the included USB-C cable or any QI enabled wireless charging pad.

Go Range

The first two devices will go on sale in June and it appears Lenovo will continue to launch new products into the lineup in the months to come. Along with power and input, the launch video on the Lenovo YouTube channel shows of audio accessories and a compact QI Wireless charging Power bank.

Some of these Lenovo already sell, so it’ll be interesting to see if current devices move into the Go range or are discontinued.

// Media Lenovo YouTube Channel.

Lenovo Go Accessories Specifications

USB-C Power BankMulti-Function Mouse
Dimensions170 x 72 x 23mmDimensions100 x 62 x 34mm
Colour OptionsThunder Black
Storm Grey
Colour OptionsThunder Black
Storm Grey
Battery Capacity20,000mAhInternal Battery380mAh
Input100W max USB-CBattery Performance2-3 Months
OutputUSB-C 65W max
USB-A 18W max
QI Wireless Charging
Fast Charging
PortsUSB-C x 2
USB-A x 1
Connectivity2.4GHz Wireless
Bluetooth 5.0
Swift Pair
Charge Time~3 hoursUSB ReceiverYes, Nano
In the BoxLenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank
Warranty Document
Quick Start Manual
In the Box
Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse
USB-C Unified Pairing Receiver
USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable
Product and Warranty Information Document

Lenovo Go Pricing

The Lenovo Go accessories will go on sale from June 2021 with availability and models varying by market. At the time of being published only USD pricing had been made public.

Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank $89
Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse $59

Tom Says…

With the introduction of Go, hopefully, Lenovo, will align its already impressive range of travel accessories all under one roof and we will see the likes of travel monitors and Digital Pens join the new power bank and Multi-device mouse.

ThinkPad was, and still is, the best all-round laptop for business travellers with superior build quality, ultra-thin designs but still with the ports you need and the reliability we need. Go has the potential to elevate and enhance how we work away from the traditional office, whether that be at home or an airport lounge.

I’m excited to see how Lenovo will expand and build this new line-up.


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