Motorola Brings Superfast 5G and Dual Selfie Cam to new G Plus Smartphone

Motorola G 5G Cinematic Display. {Tech} for Travel.
New Motorola G 5G Plus // Image Motorola.

Motorola G 5G Plus

I regularly cover Moto smartphones here on {Tech} for Travel because they often represent great value for money and the new Motorola G 5G Plus continues that tradition.

On paper, this new smartphone has many features that will tempt travellers to reconsider what they feel is a great phone to travel with.

And, if all the new features don’t convince you, then the €399 price tag for the top model surely will.

6.7″ Cinema Vision Display // Image Motorola.


It’s hard to accept this is a mid-market handset when Motorola has packed some huge numbers into the specification and features list.

A quad lens main camera, a 6.7″ display, 5,000mAh battery, a dual front facing selfie cam, all backed up by superfast 5G connectivity.

Oh, and a 3.5mm headphone socket.

Now we are taking it to the next level, introducing moto g 5G plus, the smartphone that will bring the power of 5G technology into more people’s hands without sacrificing the features we know are most important to them.

5G Connectivity

In the coming months, 5G will be widespread and you’ll want a smartphone that can utilise the speeds which are promising to be 10x faster than current 4G networks.

This is Motorola’s second 5G phone launch this year following on from its new flagship Edge/Edge+ range which was announced in May.

Motorola Smartphone G 5G Plus. {Tech} for Travel.
Pocket friendly…. just about // Image Motorola.

If your current contract has no support for 5G, it still works on today’s 4G networks, but that superfast speed is the foundation to why all the other features are so big.

CinemaVision Display

Although I would have loved to have seen the Endless edge display technology on the front of the new Motorola G 5G Plus I’m not going to complain about the CinemaVision.

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Maintaining the same 21:9 Screen Ratio seen on the One Vision, watching movies on that big 6.7″ display with 90Hz refresh rate should be an enjoyable experience. And thanks to 5G streaming movies or games will be lag and buffer-free.

Mobile Photography

Yes, you’re looking at the below image correctly, there are six lenses on the new Motorola G 5G Plus, promising a wealth of new capabilities to help capture your trips no matter the conditions.

Best Smartphone Camera for mobile photography. {Tech} for Travel.
Six. SIX. Lenses // Image Motorola.

At the front are two punch hole lens for the selfie cam. These are a 16MP and 8MP Ultra-wide lenses which, Motorola claims, will capture more of your surroundings when using the front camera.

On a recent user Q&A call with Motorola, this was a feature asked for by some digital creatives, so if you run a vlog, make plenty of Facetime calls or often use the front cam this will be a feature to interest you.

At the back is an impressive Quad camera made up of:

  • 48 MP Lens
  • 5MP Macro Vision Lens
  • 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle Lens
  • 2MP Depth Lens

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I am eager to see how this performs! I’ve long said Moto never make a big enough deal about its smartphone cameras. Even going back to the Moto Z2 Force which took me completely by surprise at its performance.

Motorola make great smartphone cameras!

Night photos on smartphone. Quad Camera. {Tech} for Travel.
Better low light shots // Image Motorola.
Power & Performance

To ensure the best 5G experience possible, the new Motorola G 5G Plus comes with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765 5G processor that is optimised for 5G performance and gaming on the go.

Powering all these big features requires a big battery and the G 5G Plus has that in the form of a 5,000mAh power unit. To put that into context, the latest Samsung S20 Ultra, at over $1000, has the same size battery.

Superfast Motorola G 5G Plus smartphone. {Tech} for Travel.
A great looking smartphone // Image Motorola.


The G 5G Plus comes in two configurations, either with 4GB Memory and 64GB storage as an entry level model or for a little more you could opt for the 6GB Memory and 128GB of storage.

A few features many of us are used to are missing though such as curved edge display, a high waterproof rating and wireless charging all of which I could live without if this new smartphone delivers everywhere else.

Motorola G 5G Plus
Dimensions (mm)168 x 74 x 9
Weight (g)207
Display6.7″ Full HD CinemaVision
Main Cam48MP
5MP Macro
8MP Ultra-Wide
2MP Depth
Front Cam16MP
8MP Ultra-Wide
SpeakerSmart PA Loudspeaker
Bluetooth 5.1
How Much does the Motorola G 5g Plus Cost?

Launched on the 7th, the new Motorola G 5G Plus goes on pre-register from the 8th July priced:

  • $394/£314/€349 for the 4GB/64GB model.
  • $450/£359/€399 for the 6GB/128GB model.
A virtual launch event for the Motorola G 5G Plus smartphone. {Tech} for Travel.
A”virtual” launch for media // Image {Tech} for Travel.
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