The Zendure SuperMini Go brings a welcome power boost and, more importantly, magnetic wireless charging to the SuperMini line-up of portable power chargers.

Zendure SuperMini Go wireless charger. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>New SuperMini Go Wireless charger Image Zendure<em>
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Zendure SuperMini Go Portable Wireless Charger

Zendure has confirmed its next portable power pack will be the new SuperMini Go. This new portable wireless charger joins the already significant line-up of power devices from the Zendure range made for travellers.

And, with a slight break from the signature Zendure styling, the SuperMini Go boasts a different look and has been styled on a retro camera to incorporate the wireless puck. This also brings with it another eye-catching colour scheme, Sunset Ocean.

Best portable wireless charger for iphone. New Zendure SuperMini Go Wireless charger. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>3 in 1 charging Image Zendure<em>

Zendure SuperMini Go// Wireless Charging

The new SuperMini Go boasts the same 10,000mAh battery as the original but now has three charging options instead of two. At the base will be two charging ports, USB-A and a USB-C, able to deliver 22.5W and 20W charging output, respectively.

A new wireless charging puck on the front has been mounted for all Qi wirelessly charged devices.

The SuperMini Go is not a MagSafe for Apple charger but does have internal magnets to support wireless charging for MagSafe-enabled devices better.

Wireless charging output is quoted at 15W maximum, but iPhone users should remember Apple restricts 3rd party wireless charging to 7.5W.

LCD Display

While the retro camera design might not be for everyone, Zendure has made good use of the elements that make up the styling. The “shutter” button activates the power on the top edge, and the “viewfinder” is a convenient LCD display.

Once the SuperMini Go has been turned on, the LCD display will provide charging information, including how much power remains in the 10,000mAh battery and if the charger is in input or output mode.

There will also be a symbol to confirm when wireless charging is activated.

Zendure SuperMini Go// Bold New Style

Firstly, the colour team at Zendure appear to have come up with another great blend. The original SuperMini charger came in a Blue Horizon option, and I would happily have all my devices in that colourway.

SuperMini Go introduces another, Sunset Ocean, a blended Aqua/yellow fade that gives off some summer vibes. This is joined by Galaxy Black and Space Silver, giving a more modern look whilst enhancing the retro design.

The great news is Zendure has already got a SuperMini Go making its way to {Tech} for Travel, and we’ll have a full hands-on review ready for the launch date.

New Zendure SuperMini Go Wireless charger. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>SuperMini Go Galaxy Black Image Zendure<em>
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Zendure SuperMini Go// Specifications

Dimensions95 x 67 x 28mm
Colour OptionsGalaxy Black
Space Silver
Sunset Ocean
OutputUSB-A 22.5W max
USB-C 20W max
Wireless 15W max
InputUSB-C 20W max
ProtocolsPower Delivery
Trickle Mode
In the BoxSuperMini Go
USB-A to USB-C cable

Zendure SuperMini Go// Price & Release Date

As with most other of its product launches, Zendure will use the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to release the SuperMini Go. This is excellent news for consumers as it often means a considerable saving can be had on the full retail price, which will be $69.

The SuperMini Go campaign will begin on June 21st at 9 am PDT with super early bird pricing of 54% off.

You can sign up for this offer and get notifications when the launch goes live at And, if you fancy your luck, Zendure is running a giveaway on Gleam where you could win a new SuperMini Go.

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