Powered by the Apple Find My Network, the new Rolling Square AirCard is a global tracker and digital business card slim enough to fit any wallet, purse, card holder or travel wallet.

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Rolling Square AirCard

There’s no doubt Apple AirTags is now a staple for any frequent traveller using the Find My network. However, they do have one big design flaw; the shape. They’re fine to chuck into a suitcase or backpack, but if you want to attach them to pretty much anything else, you’ll need an accessory.

With the new Rolling Square AirCard, you can bid farewell to this plight and easily incorporate a wallet or purse into your Find My network.

Rolling Square AirCard utilises advanced technology and seamless integration with your smartphone to provide real-time tracking and precise location updates for your wallet.

Rolling Square AirCard review.  {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
Credit Rolling Square

Features //Rolling Square AirCard

Having already held successful campaigns for its Edge Pro system and inCharge XL cable, Rolling Square is utilising the Kickstarter platform to launch its latest traveller-friendly tech.

There’s no denying Apple AirTags have given frequent travellers extra insurance for their cases or valuable items, yet more often than not, users need to use an accessory due to the unique pebble shape of the tracker. The new AirCard from Rolling Square delivers the same tracking capabilities as an AirTag on Apple’s Find My network but has a silhouette allowing travellers to use it in more places.

At just 2.2mm thin, this credit card-sized tracker will fit almost every wallet, purse or even a travel tag and works worldwide. The network can help to locate any lost ‘Find My’ connected device when another iPhone, iPad, or even a Mac are within range of your tracker.

When an Apple device passes by your missing AirCard, it will update the map on your Find My app to let you know where the card is, and until that time, the map will display the last known location based on its previous ping to the network.

AirCard has a 105dB internal speaker to help guide you to it if you’ve lost it in an open space or down the back of a sofa!

Digital NFC Business Card

AirCard is far more than just a tracker. Thanks to the built-in NFC connectivity and personalised QR code imprinted on the back, this tracker is also a Digital Business Card, saving you even more space in your wallet or purse.

Rolling Square AirCard with Apple Find My Network.  {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Each card can be configured on the Rolling Square platform sherr.it, where users can add contact details, a profile image and social channels.

Battery Power

Due to its design, Rolling Square has opted for a fixed 540mAh battery instead of a replaceable one. This clearly puts a lifespan on the AirCard, which Rolling Square claims to be around 2.5 years of average use.

However, they recognise this may be a sticking point for some users and offer a renewal scheme.

Thirty months after you purchase a tracker, Rolling Square will send you a 50% off voucher for buying a new AirCard and cover the cost of sending the old one back to them. Many of its components are reusable.

Alternatively, hold on to the AirCard and use it only as a digital business card.

Rolling Square AirCard on Apple Find My Network.  {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
Credit Rolling Square
Find Airline Award & Upgrade availability

Specifications //Rolling Square AirCard

Dimensions54 x 86 x 2mm
Colour OptionBlack
Battery Life540mAh
2.5 Years
Replaceable BatteryNo
Speaker Volume105dB
FeaturesGlobal Tracking
Find My Network Compatible
Advanced Lost Mode
Digital Business Card
50% off replacement unit after 30 months
Waterproof RatingIPX5

Price //Rolling Square AirCard

The Rolling Square AirCard is priced at $52/£38. During the Kickstarter campaign, there are significant savings to be had with single and multi-purchase deals with up to 31% off the early bird offer, pricing the AirCard at $29/£27.

Rolling Square on Amazon

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  1. Looks interesting and the replacement discount can be an incentive. The only thing is, can you get the discount only from them at whatever the (probably more expensive) price is? If you buy it at the $29 kickstarter price, will the replacement when the battery dies be $52 + 50% discount? What if you find it cheaper at another retailer for $39, do you get 50% off that?

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