Samsung Spring Event 2017


If you are #TeamAndroid and favour Samsung devices, then there is a chance you could still have a somewhat dejected feeling after a disastrous 2016.  The Note7 debacle was unprecedented, but in my opinion, handled well overall.

Luckily, for Samsung, they had the brilliant S7 handset to fall back on. A device that still gives many iPhone users screen envy!  A year on from its release though, the S7 is set to be replaced!

Save the Date

Much to the delight of the Samsung faithful, and anyone shortly due an upgrade on their contracted smartphone, we now have a confirmed launch date for the hotly anticipated S8.


On the 29th March, Samsung will be going all out to help us forget 2016 and put their smartphones back in the hands of the masses!

This is a big year in the smartphone market.  Samsung are looking to recover and Apple have the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone, so consumers are expecting big things. Then we have some of the launches from MWC last week, and we as consumers are spoilt for choice.

The S8 launch will be streamed live and you can register to watch and be notified on Pre-orders.  The device is expected to start shipping in late April.

I will be covering the launch over on Twitter so be sure to give me a follow ahead of the big day and will share images on Instagram as I get them.

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