Share your Travels in 5K with the New GoPro Hero9 Black

New GoPro9 Black Edition. {Tech} for Travel.
New GoPro Hero9 Black // Image GoPro.

GoPro Hero9 Black

I’ve always had a soft spot for GoPro action cameras and the new Hero9 Black has gone and rekindled those feelings.

Sure, I don’t live a lifestyle that the GoPro marketing team like to portray advertising its cams. But, there is no denying their practicality and the quality of the video is always superb.

GoPro Hero9 has a new view finder display. {Tech} for Travel.
Hero9 sporting a new front display // Image GoPro.


It may look the same as the Hero8 and yes, it may have increased in size ever so slightly, but it has done so for a very good reason.

The new GoPro Hero9 action camera can capture your travels in stunning 5K video. It has also swapped out the old monochrome front display with a new colour Live Preview screen and increased the rear touch screen.

A new front display serves up a live preview for easy selfie framing—while the large rear touch screen delivers intuitive control.


Inside is a larger battery for better performance and some new capture modes, all of which can be controlled by voice commands.

And, if you’re not travelling just yet, you could always use the Hero9 Black as a webcam!

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See the World in 5K

Putting aside the fact many of us only just have TV and monitors that are 4K compatible, the new GoPro Hero9 Black can record up to 5K video at 30 frames per second (fps).

Hero9 Floaty case for video in water. {Tech} for Travel.
Floaty housing for Hero9 Black // Image GoPro.

This will not only record hugely immersive video but should deliver some very detailed screen captures along the way!

As with all GoPro cameras, accessories play a big part. If you need to enhance the Hero9 you can use the optional Max Lens Mod accessory which has a Ultra-wide angle 155˚ Field Of View (FOV).

In photo mode, the new GoPro is capable of capturing 20MP images.

A New Display

Long time GoPro users will know the small front screen is for settings only on a monochrome display.

The Hero9 Black has seen a welcome change to this with a new full-colour Preview Screen, and what a welcome addition it is!

GoPro Hero9 Black on a chest rig using new view finder display. {Tech} for Travel.
View finder will be a hit with users // Image GoPro.

It’s long been my biggest gripe when using a GoPro and now they’ve fixed it. There is still a settings view, but when video/camera modes, users can now see what their GoPro does.

The slightly bigger frame has allowed GoPro to increase the main rear display too. Previously the Hero8 Black had a 2″ screen whereas the new Hero9 has a 2.27″ touchscreen display.

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Better Software

With the launch of the GoPro Hero9 Black comes some enhanced and even new software features.

The already brilliant HyperSmooth video stabilisation is upgraded to 3.0 as is TimeWarp for an improved time-lapse video.

Scheduled Capture and Duration Capture are new features designed for a more hands-free approach to recording.

The first allows a user to trigger recording at a certain time until stopped, and the second begins and stops at agreed times.

Finally, the new HindSight feature helps you capture video before you even hit the button. HindSight records video, and when you do begin recording, will give you 30 seconds of footage before you started!

Best action cam for 2021. {Tech} for Travel.
Plenty of accessories for the Hero9 Black // Image GoPro.


GoPro Hero9 Black
Dimensions (mm)55 x 71 x 33.6
GPS Enabled
Rear Display2.27″ Touchscreen
Front Display1.4″
Video Capture5K @ 30fps
4K @ 60fps
2.7K @ 120fps
1440p @ 120fps
1080p @ 240fps
Image Capture20MP
Battery (mAh)1,720
Rechargeable + Replaceable
WaterproofUp to 10m
SoftwareHyperSmooth 3.0
TimeWarp 3.0
Live Streaming
Webcam Mode
Voice Control11 Languages Supported
In the BoxHero9
Adhesive Mount
Mounting Buckle
USB-C Cable
Thumb Screw
Camera Case
How Much does the GoPro Hero9 Black Cost?

On its own, the GoPro Hero9 Black is $449 in the US and £429 for the UK.

However, add a one-year subscription to the GoPro service and the prices drop to $349 in the US and £329 in the UK.

At the time of writing GoPro is already running some bundled deals.

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