News: The Commuters Backpack!


Living and working in London, I’m all to familiar with the worry of someone trying to gain access to your bag, backpack or pockets during the daily commute.


Bobby, The Anti Theft Backpack from X.D Design.


Currently on Kickstarter the Bobby from X.D Design is a great looking Anti Theft backpack that seems to be more functional than it’s appearance suggests.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 22.12.06


With an abundance of features it is a well designed backpack for every day use. Whether you’re on the tube, walking or cycling you will find every thought has been given to safety and security.

Designed to have no visible zips when being worn, yet has a good range of storage pouches that are easily accessible when open.



One of the stand out features for me is the power supply storage (batteries not included!) pouch that has an external port for you to connect your devices to. The Oyster card slot built into the strap is also a great addition.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 22.14.15


The Bobby comes in 2 colours, Midnight Blue and Gray. The super early bird offers on Kickstarter have already gone but there are a handful of early bird deals left.  Allowing you to snap up one of these backpacks for £40 (with free worldwide shipping, well done XD!). Once at retail these backpacks will be priced at £80.

If interested, the Kickstarter page has all the information and more images.


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