News: Tumi gets Colourful



If you have liked the looks, styling and price tags on the Tumi Carbon Fiber range, but felt a dash of colour was in order, then get your credit cards ready!!


A Vision in Blue

Tumi have now updated three of the carbon fiber products to also come in Navy along with the standard drab grey/black carbon option.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 13.16.30

They are:


There is no denying the prices are high for most of us, but Tumi have always been about quality products.  The Tumi Carry-On Luggage range, for example, is still one of the most trusted brands for business travellers worldwide.

“The pinnacle of luxury and innovation, CFX is TUMI’s ultra-premium collection of soft carbon fiber bags and accessories. Our exclusive, American-made carbon fiber CX6™ uses a superior wet infusion process, adapted to create high strength, low stretch and lightweight performance properties for utmost performance.”

I wonder how many of these will be spotted out and about in the coming weeks!




  1. Pop of colour always lift things up. ???? I think for their positioning, their prices are okay.

    For me, the real problem is that they don’t enthuse me with confidence about their quality. If Samsonite provides 10yrs warranty and sell a case for half the price of Tumi, WHY does all Tumi only have a max 5 years warranty? Brigg is similar price as Tumi and have life time warranty. Perhaps, I am the only one worried by the shortness of their warranty. ????????

  2. I can understand that. To me, both names are up there at the top of the luggage market in both quality and offerings. Although we will never know the exact reason my “guess” would be possibly due to usage.

    Samsonite may get more holiday users over business travellers which I suspect Tumi see more off. Holiday users may only use the item a few times a year. Business travellers may always be on the go. So longer warranty on items not used as often! That’s not to say holiday and business users look after their luggage the same etc…

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