Power your Tech World with the New Zendure SuperTank Pro

Zendure SuperTank Pro // Image Zendure.

Zendure SuperTank Pro

If you’re a frequent traveller that has a selection of different chargers, that are always half flat when you need them, then maybe the new Zendure SuperTank Pro is for you.

Not only does it have the largest internal battery allowed on commercial flights, but it can power all of your devices.

Even the new Apple MacBook Pro 16″!

This sees Zendure increase the power output of last years (2019) SuperTank, up from 100W to an impressive total output of 138W.

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OLED Display to manage power // Image Zendure.


Longtime Zendure users and fans will immediately notice the styling is a little different on the new SuperTank Pro.

Gone are the successive ridges and in are just two raised grooves either side of the logo. Although, in the portable power world the Aluminium case is still unmistakably, Zendure.

Every device seems to need its own charger, with power bricks often taking up more space than the devices themselves. The obvious solution would be to use one product to power all of your gadgets.

Portable power charger for the Apple MacBook Pro 16", Zendure SuperTank Pro. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.wpengine.com
Power 4 devices simultaneously // Image Zendure.

Everything you need is all stored on the top side of the SuperTank Pro where there is 4 USB-C ports and a large OLED display.

Unmatched Portable Power

Today, the range of devices we travel with all have different battery sizes. Our tablets and notebooks are getting bigger, whilst many of us now use Smartwatches or wireless earbuds that need a much smaller current.

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There was a period of time where larger portable power packs wouldn’t even recognise these smaller devices when attached. Despite the huge 26,800mAh battery pack the new Zendure SuperTank Pro will cover every gadget you travel with.

Firmware updates extend the functionality and compatibility of the SuperTank Pro. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.wpengine.com
Firmware updates // Image Zendure.

The 4 USB-C ports all have varying degrees of max output but will cover smaller devices such as earbuds at around 5V up to a maximum of 100W which includes drones, DSLRs and even the latest MacBook Pro 16″.

New OLED Display

‘Knowledge is power’ as they say and Zendure has taken this to the heart of the design on the SuperTank Pro. Where once there was a small LED display now sits a large OLED screen providing all the information you could need.

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Most portable power packs just have a series of LED lights indicating the amount of power left, the SuperTank Pro however, has a bit more information to give.

Zendure claims this is the first portable battery to utilise an ‘advanced TI battery fuel gauge’.

OLED Display showing power usage. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.wpengine.com
Better control over your power // Image Zendure.

This fuel gauge allows the SuperTank Pro to provide better power cell balance and, more importantly, adaptive charging. This means the power pack knows when to stop charging your devices and maintains their battery life.

SuperPort S4

On its own the new SuperTank Pro has Pass-Through charging up to 100W output which means it can continue to charge a laptop while recharging itself.

But, this can be slow. To boost this process Zendure has released the new SuperPort S4. It’s sold separately from the SuperTank as an option, but when combined they will make a formidable pair.

The SuperPort S4 charger is built with GaN technology, has 3 USB-C and a USB-A port and can fully charge the 26,800mAh SuperTank Pro in just 1 hour 45 mins!

Alternatively, the SuperPort S4 can be used as a wall charger for any device up to 100W.

Zendure SuperPort S4 charging a power pack. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.wpengine.com
SuperPort S4 charging the new SuperTank Pro // Image Zendure.


Zendure SuperTank Pro
Dimensions (mm)124 x 74.5 x 45.5
Weight (g)580
Colour OptionsSilver
Battery (mAh)26,800 (rated 17,000mAh)
Max Output (W)138
Power Delivery (W)100
Ports4 USB-C
Port Output2 x USB-C @ 100W
2 x USB-C @ 18W
Input100W Max (USB-C 1&2)
In the BoxSuperTank Pro
USB-C Cable
USB-C to USB-A Converter
How Much does the Zendure SuperTank Pro Cost?

The great news is that Zendure has put the SuperTank Pro on Kickstarter, which means a substantial saving on the rrp!

At the time of being published, the new SuperTank Pro is $159/£125 which is a massive 40% saving on the rrp of $249.

The SuperPort S4 is currently $69/£54 which is a 30% saving on the RRP.

There is another reason to shop now on Kickstarter. As Zendure has already surpassed its target of funding, they are now including a FREE PRO EVA TRAVEL CASE with each SuperTank Pro.

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