News: Oregami Carry On – A New Take on Luggage!



I see plenty of new ideas and products coming on to the market, but you know you have found a good one when you immediately think of people who could benefit from using it!


Carry On & Duffle by Oregami Luggage

Oregami, have invented a unique travel packing system and fitted it into 2 styles of bag to suit your travel needs/style.




The Carry On and Duffle are designed to allow you quick access to all of your belongings without having to unpack everything. Both cases come with 3 x Organising trays that enable you to pack in an organised manner and keeps larger bulkier items such as shoes away from your clothes.

The trays can also be detached from the luggage to provide a bigger storage area within the case.




As expected the Carry On meets nearly all airline regulations in terms of dimensions and the external features are well thought out and provide you with access to the important things as you transit through an airport.

The Duffle which would suit longer travel periods or maybe even sports activities has an optional extra, a half sized set of internal trays. Perfect for ski boots along with your other safety gear?  Or a travelling trades person who needs to keep kit and tools in one place when on the go?




Interestingly, my first thought when I saw the Carry on in action was not for business use, but for families with a new born or toddler.  Although it might be a big to unfold on a plane or baby changing cubicle at the airport, you can install each tray separately so easy enough to remove and replace.  The carry on would act as a great and compact way to store all the items needed when travelling with young children and the easy access pouch would really come into it’s own when you reach security.

Great design can spark the imagination!




Both pieces are currently available at early bird rates on the Oregami Indiegogo site where they are currently half way through their funding target.

Both are currently $179 plus shipping, which is expected to start around June 2017.







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