Review: Stay Fit on the Road with the Activ5 Portable Gym

Exercise anywhere with the Activ5 personal Gym. {Tech} for Travel.
Activ5 Personal Gym // Image {Tech} for Travel.
✔️ Large selection of exercises✘ Runs on a AAA Battery
✔️ Simple to complex workouts✘ Needs a tablet app
✔️ Palm-sized device✘ No travel pouch supplied
✔️ Configurable to suit your strength level✘ Unable to recharge
✔️ Easy to follow app

{Tech} for Travel Says….
Hands-On Review: In a year where we’re all more conscious about social distancing, the Activ5 replaces the hotel gym with a portable one for a workout in the comfort of your room.

There are exercises for all strength levels and can be used almost anywhere when travelling.

Activ5 Portable Gym

Do I think this review might have been different before the COVID-19 Pandemic? Maybe.

Is the review of the Activ5 Portable Gym more relevant now COVID-19 is here? Absolutely!

If, you’ve not travelled or stayed in a hotel since April 2020, during the COVID-19 era, let me tell you, the experience is a little different at the moment.

Face masks and hand sanitiser is everywhere, and that’s just in the lobby. So, using a hotel gym may not appeal to everyone just now. This is why Activ5 is more useful now than ever before.

Activ5 Portable gym device. {Tech} for Travel.
Activ5 is great with an iPad // Image {Tech} for Travel.


Activ5 is an isometric fitness system that focuses on giving you strength training without needing space to move around. As an example, Yoga is a form of this.

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The device is a palm-sized, pebble-shaped pressure pad. Just a single power-on button is on the rim next to an LED light which indicates power and sync status.

With a bit of searching, there is a slight cut-away under the edge where you can get a flat-head screwdriver in to wedge open the device.

You’ll need to do this to replace the single AAA battery that powers the Activ5 portable gym, which during the review lasted an entire month on the battery provided.

All you need is 5 minutes, your Activ5 and your phone to see and feel a difference.

Best keep fit device to work with Apple health. {Tech} for Travel.
Activ5 can fully integrate with Apple Health // Image {Tech} for Travel.
Build Quality & Design

The Activ5 personal gym is a pebble-shaped device that’s small enough to fit in your pocket. Either side is finished in a dark grey non-slip rubber and a logo on the top side.

The base acts as the pressure plate, and other than the on/off button, is the only moving part of the device.

And despite some of the exercises requiring me to place the Activ5 personal gym under the heel of my trainer, the review sample I’ve been using still looks as good as new!

How to stay fit when travelling. {Tech} for Travel.
Slim & small // Image {Tech} for Travel.

An orange rim, also a hard-wearing rubber, houses the single LED which confirms power/sync and the power button.


If I had to find a fault with the Activ5, then power is where it would be.

Instead of an internal battery pack that can be recharged via a USB-C port, Activbody opted for a single AAA battery.

The Activ5 is quoted as lasting up to 1 year on a single AAA battery, but this will vary depending on how you use it.

Muscle control set-up game // Media {Tech} for Travel.
Set-up & Sync Activ5

The Activ5 needs an Android or Apple smartphone with the free to download app (Google Play | Apple App Store) installed. This is the only time you need to be online.

All of the exercises are in-app and the device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

A free account is needed before you begin so download the app and sign up before leaving home.

You can use your Google account, if you prefer.

Once up and running, you’ll need to answer some basic questions but if you’re an Apple Health app user I’d recommend linking it to the Activ5 at this point.

How to replace a battery in the Activ5 device. {Tech} for Travel.
Removable backplate for battery swap-over // Image {Tech} for Travel.

The final set-up stage is to train the Activ5 on your muscle control. To do this Activbody has created a short game where by you control a spaceship along a flight path with consistent pressure onto the device.

Using the Activ5 for Exercise

This spaceship and control screen become the focus point of all the activities which are spread over three different tracks for you.

  • Exercises focus on single muscles
  • Workouts targets groups such as upper or lower body
  • Programs are 6 weeks of selected workouts

If you’re someone who can feel a little stiff after a long flight, 5-10 minutes of seated exercises with the Activ5 when you reach your hotel, makes a world of difference!

You can filter the exercises by position: Lying Down, Seated or Standing.

Activ5 app and daily workouts. {Tech} for Travel.
Daily workouts are a great way to experience Activ5 // Image {Tech} for Travel.

How Activ5 works is by applying pressure controlled pressure to the device. This is done either between your hands, a hand and another object or your foot and the floor.

If like many others, you’re currently working from home on a regular basis, the seated exercises are a good way of getting some physical activity into your day.

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When I began to use the Activ5 personal gym for the review I found it hard to hold correctly to begin with.

There is a short tutorial within the app which gave me the correct holding method, and as I increased my exercises with the Activ5 my performance and control did increase.

By the end of the review period, it was to soon to comment on the long term benefit of the Activ5 personal gym, however short-term, it did make a difference!

Free smartphone and tablet stand. {Tech} for Travel.
Ergonomically designed & smartphone stand // Image {Tech} for Travel.


Activbody Activ5
Dimensions (mm)95 x 80 x 24
Weight (g)135
Colour OptionsDark Grey/Orange
PowerReplaceable AAA Battery
In the BoxActiv5
Smartphone Stand

How Much Does the Activbody Activ5 Cost?

At the time of this review, the Activ5 Portable Gym was priced at $149/£149 direct from Activbody.

However, I found the Activ5 to be priced differently around the web. Before you purchase check the prices at Apple, Activbody and Amazon first.

Today on Amazon
// Media Activbody YouTube Channel.

Final Thoughts…

If you’re a serious gym-goer you might think the Activ5 isn’t for you, but I assure you, it will be. I may not be in the best physical condition nor visit the gym as often as I should but I felt the benefits.

When I’m on the road, gym hotels tend to be my only form of exercise but in a post-COVID world, there is no guarantee the guest before me, or even the hotel staff, cleaned the equipment down before I use them.

I went into this review doubting I would feel or notice any benefit from the Activ5 Personal gym. But I did, and it’s great.

I’d like to see a bespoke tablet app to really enhance the experience. The iPhone app running on an iPad is okay, but not the best experience, and the bigger display makes such a difference.

This might just be my favourite review of 2020!

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Activ5 Personal Gym FAQ

How does the Activ5 work?

It is essentially a pressure pad which you must maintain constant focus on for periods of time whilst watching the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Do I need a smartphone or tablet to use the Activ5?

Yes, you cannot use it on its own.

Does the Activ5 work on Android and iOS?


How do I charge the Activ5?

It is not a rechargeable device. The Activ5 runs off a single AAA battery.

How long does the Activ5 work for on the AAA battery?

Around a year based on average use.

How do I change the AAA battery on the Activ5?

With a small flat edged object or screwdriver you prize the back plate off to access the battery bay. The cover just clips back on.

Does the Activ5 work?

Yes. And, if you are the competitive type, then beating your own scores and sustained pressure becomes a challenge. This is when you notice how far your strength has come.


  1. I just got one (on sale via one of the ads while playing a Word game), and I love it already after only two workouts! I bought it to help me have something to do while watching DVDs instead of snacking! Win-win! ❤️🦋🌀

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