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Atom Studios Case Review: Protect your Phone the Right Way


Atom Studios Case Review. {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
Atom Studios MagSafe case // Image {Tech} for Travel.

Atom Studios Case Review: Made from Split wood fibres and finished with a microfibre lining, this case fits like a glove on your smartphone and looks and feels more expensive than its retail price.

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Atom Studios Case Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sustainability is at the forefront of almost every walk of life right now, and if you’re a frequent traveller, you might feel the need to make more of an effort.

An easy step in the right direction is to invest in an Atom Studios smartphone case. Atom has cases for all recent Apple iPhone models and the Samsung S22/S22+.

For the purpose of this review and to show me the way for eco-friendly, high-quality tech accessories, Atom sent over the iPhone 13 Pro Split Wood Fibre case for me to check out.

Atom Studios Case Review for iPhone 13 Pro. {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
Aluminium camera housing // Image {Tech} for Travel.

Atom Studios Case Review// Features

The Split Wood Fibre MagSafe case from Atom Studios is made from recyclable anodized aluminium and sustainably sourced wood fibre that has been blended with PLA and PBAT (polylactic acid & polybutylene adipate terephthalate), both of which boast more eco-friendly credentials than normal plastics used in cases.

This gives each case a unique design due to the mixture’s distribution of the wood chips.

On either side, the iPhone button controls are protected under the case with only a small opening for the Ring/Silent switch on the left-hand side.

// Media Atom Studios YouTube channel.

At the top, an aluminium plate surrounds the camera lenses and has a raised edge to protect them further when the phone is put down on a surface.

Atom Studios Case Review// Fit

What I found unique to the Split Wood Fibre case is how easy it was to attach and remove with such a perfect fit.

Often cases that fit well are tricky to put on. Atom Studios has given enough flex for fitting the case yet kept the case rigid enough to sit close to the iPhone 13 Pro and provide suitable drop protection.

This is more noticeable when I started to use my phone. The case covers the buttons, but they’re much easier to use than some cases with more give around the movement areas.

Atom Studios Case in black. {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
Black colour option // Image Atom Studios.

There is no effort in using them.

On the front, the case stands proud of the screen to give enough of a raised edge and offer some form of protection if you drop your phone on a flat surface display down.

But there is no screen protector included with the case.

The microfibre internal lining is a great inclusion and gives another level of protection for your iPhone.

However, the review unit did pick up a bit of dust in the fibres (my fault), so be sure to either fit your case straight out of the box or give it a clean before inserting your device.

MagSafe Connection

As an iPhone user, MagSafe is increasingly becoming a part of my tech ecosystem. Atom Studios say the magnets used in this case are 50% thicker than other MagSafe-friendly cases… and I can see the difference.

The connection I got with other MagSafe products with it on was just as good as if I connected the phone without a case on.

Most notably, in the car with a MagSafe Wireless charging Air Vent Mount, the phone, with the case on, stayed attached no matter how hard the car jolted.

London roads + Potholes = perfect testing ground!

Atom Studios MagSafe Case Review. {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
Secure fit and soft interior // Image {Tech} for Travel.

Atom Studios Case Review// Conclusion

As much as I admire the aesthetics of most smartphones and would prefer to keep them ‘au natural’, the ticket price and repair costs mean a good case is a wise investment.

The Split Wood Fibre case from Atom Studios offers excellent protection from normal wear and tear and general drops (nothing too high, though).

Screen Protection

Only the base edge around the lightning/speaker/mic holes is left exposed; sadly, the case doesn’t come with any screen protection.

Although Atom Studios does have a range to choose from, I used the Panzer Glass iPhone 13 Pro screen protector during the review, and the two fitted perfectly together.

Overall, this case looks great, feels even better, and you’ll hardly notice it’s on when you’re using your phone.

Atom Studios Case Review. {Tech} for Travel.  https://techfortravel.co.uk
Eco materials make for a great case // Image {Tech} for Travel.

Atom Studios Case Review// Specifications

Dimensions151 x 77 x 12mm
Colour OptionsCarbon Black
Ink Blue
FeaturesPower/Audio button covers
Silence switch opening
MagSafe compatible
Qi Wireless compatible
In the (100% recyclable) boxSplit Wood MagSafe Case

Atom Studios Case Review// Price

The Atom Studios Split Wood MagSafe iPhone 13 Pro case in this review is £47 from atomstudios.com where you can shop the entire range and get details about shipping to your location.

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