Review: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition


The action cam, of action cameras is the GoPro, and the latest verison is the Hero 3+.

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Although at time of writing there are newer models on the market, the Black Edition 3+ (where available) is still a worthwhile investment for most.

The lack of a real price drop on them suggest they are still in demand, although the GoPro website has removed them from the main view. Wanting you to invest in their newer models.

In Photo mode, the first use is a bit tricky and the quick user guide is well worth 10 minutes of your time. Once past this though, this camera becomes increasingly addictive. The very basic menu becomes a breeze to use. The lack of a view finder is quickly forgotten once you see the results from the wide angle shots.

Video recording is crisp, sharp and captures great sound. Just remember to use the skeleton back housing and not the waterproof one, as this does hamper the sound.

As you grow confident of the settings you will explore the other uses. I’m currently trying to improve my time lapse skills!

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