Hands-On Review: It might look bulkier than the average phone cover, but the Joby Standpoint is an incredibly robust and useful case.

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JOBY StandPOint Phone case review for iPhone 12. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
JOBY StandPoint Phone Case with iPhone 12 // Image {Tech} for Travel.

JOBY StandPoint Phone Case – $39/£34

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Usually, a phone case on its own doesn’t always warrant a full review, as many are very similar. However, I’ve relied on and used JOBY products for a while now and I was keen to see if the reliability and build quality Of JOBY has made it on to the StandPoint Phone Case.

What drew my attention to the StandPoint was that I could see the potential it would serve to the average traveller and content creators who both rely heavily on their smartphones.

If you’re unfamiliar with the JOBY range, they specialize in Tripods & rigs for smart mobile devices, most notably, the GorrilaPod. There are even lights, mics, and mounts all of which are ideal to travel with and will help to improve your images or video when on the move.

JOBY StandPoint best case for iPhone 12. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
Works well on uneven surfaces // Image {Tech} for Travel.

JOBY StandPoint Features

For this review, I tested out the JOBY StandPoint on the new iPhone 12 but there is a phone case to fit the most recent Apple handsets and Google Pixel 4/4XL, but not 5.

The StandPoint is a Polycarbonate and Silicone shell that for the most part looks like most other premium phone cases. That is until you get to the central section.

Here, JOBY has incorporated three aluminium foldable legs, each attached to its own single strong hinge, and added a cold shoe mount. The legs are completed by rubber, non-slip red caps.

On either side, the physical buttons are covered by the JOBY StandPoint phone case, which is not always ideal as it can make them harder to operate, but this didn’t cause me any issues during the review.

It’s worth noting only the Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro cases come with the cold shoe option.

Best vlog case for Samsung and iPhone. JOBY StandPoint review. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
Precision cut for a secure & robust fit // Image JOBY.

Fit & Installation

When I first fitted the StandPoint case on to the iPhone 12 I struggled slightly. The fit is tight, very tight in fact. But as the phone clipped in and gave that reassuring ‘snap’ sound as it settled in I could tell the effort was worth it.

Once the phone is in, the StandPoint case holds the handset brilliantly, JOBY certainly got the measurements millimetre perfect, and as the case is shock-absorbing it will do a great job in protecting your handset against any drops.

Around the edge, the case does rise slightly to offer some protection to the display, but there is no screen protecter included, sadly!

I often wonder why companies create such robust cases as the StandPoint and then don’t include a screen protector cover. Such a small additional cost for a near 100% protection cover.

// Media JOBY YouTube Channel.

On the iPhone 12 version there’s only 2 openings around the rim of the case, one on the left side for mute switch and another on the base for the Lightning Port.

Port Access & Charging

During the review period, I had no problem with the space JOBY allowed for the cutout section at the base of the StandPoint phone case for plugging my phone in to charge. Some cases can get this wrong, or only fit the manufacturers charging cable.

I tested the StandPoint using the supplied Apple USB-C to Lightning cable, a Zendure SuperCord, and an unbranded cheap cable. All of the cables fitted easily within the space and made a clean connection to the port without pinching the edge of the case. However, if charging cables are too much of a hassle, you’ll be please to know the JOBY StandPoint supports wireless charging.

For this to work the aluminium legs need to be folded out first which isn’t ideal but by no means a huge issue for the majority of QI wireless charging pads.

If, like me, you use a phone mount/cradle with built-in wireless charging when driving, folding out the legs is not an option. So, when I was driving I’d have to make a choice between keeping the case on or removing it to charge my phone.

Best smartphone case for apple iphone 12 review. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
Perfect for on-the-go // Image {Tech} for Travel.

Despite its apparent size, the case had no problem fitting into the car mount or even the one on my desk and it’s pocket-friendly. The only time I really noticed the size was when I first took a call on my phone

Content Creators

For most travellers the appeal of the StandPoint will be to make life easier to consume content; watch a movie or prop their phone up by the bedside as an alarm. And it works perfectly well in that role.

Each of the legs is more than sturdy enough to support a smartphone and the red rubber feet provide a good grip on any surface. The hinge mechanism really is robust, allows each of the legs to be positioned independently of the others.

There are two main positions the case can operate in, both of which are in landscape; either up on all the legs in a tripod mode, or angled up sitting back on the legs.

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While I could prop the JOBY StandPoint up in a Portrait mode during the review it wasn’t the most stable of positions and the phone case would fall over the moment I tapped the display.

JOBY has factored in a Cold Shoe Mount to the right-hand side of the iPhone 12 & 12 Pro/Max cases. Yes, this does stick out ever so slightly, but by the end of the review period, I didn’t even notice it.

With this mount built into the phone case, you can attach an external mic, additional lighting such as a Lume Cube or fix your phone to a bigger tripod or rig, in portrait or landscape modes.

JOBY StandPoint smartphone case for Google Pixel and Apple iPhone review. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
JOBY StandPoint in movie mode // Image {Tech} for Travel.

JOBY StandPoint Specifications

Pixel 4Pixel 4 XLiPhone 12/12 ProiPhone 12 Pro Max
Dimensions147 x 72 x 152 mm147 x 80 x 192 mm151 x 80 x 166mm165 x 87 x 166mm
Colour OptionsBlackBlackBlackBlack
Cold Shoe MountYesYes
In the BoxStandPoint CaseStandPoint CaseStandPoint Case
2x Cold Shoe Caps
StandPoint Case
2x Cold Shoe Caps

Where to Buy?

The JOBY StandPoint Phone Case is $39/£34 from the JOBY Website.

If you’re a Prime Member, the Joby StandPoint case is on Amazon with next day shipping for the same price.

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