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{Tech} for Travel says…
….The K-Ring Contactless Payment Ring has transformed my daily London commute for the better. Faster, safer and easier!

Good fit, comfortable to wear Can scratch if not careful
A perfect alternative to carrying cash No Mobile App
Easy to use, accepted globally Only support for Mastercard
No charging/pairing needed Expires after 4 years

K-Ring Contactless Payment Ring

Back in 2017, I happened to be attending The Wearable Technology Show in London when the K-Ring Contactless Payment Ring (originally known as Kerv) was launched.

At the time I published a preview article and went on to include it in not one but two gift guides during 2018; I really was that impressed by its possibilities!

Recently, the team invited me to give it a try……. now I don’t leave home without it!

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If you’ve not come across the K-Ring before, in its simplest form, it is a wearable Pre-paid Mastercard for contactless payments, that works anywhere in the world!

To get started with a K-Ring you need to make sure you order the correct size. The ring is made from an inert resin inner band and a zirconia ceramic outer and packed with contactless technology; so having it resized is not an option!

Correct Sizing

K-Ring offers a ring sizer tool for £2 which is then deducted from the price when you order the device. Alternatively, you can visit a jeweller!

I used the sizer tool, followed the instructions provided, and the ring supplied had a perfect and comfortable fit. It’s important to get the size right as your fingers can swell in warmer weather.

App support for payment ring. {Tech} for Travel.
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The device gives no indication that it can be used for contactless payments and the only noticeable feature is the ‘K’ logo printed on the surface. Personally, I’m not a person who wears jewellery yet found the ring comfortable to wear.

No Cash, No Problem

It’s an ideal way of being able to pay for smaller items without the need for taking out cash, cards or your smartphone to make a payment. To use it, just clench your hand into a fist and place it on top of the card reader.

I used the device non-stop and only twice did it fail to work. On both occasions, I was at fault as I only tapped my fist, rather than placed it, on to the contactless reader. With that lesson learned, it has since been a great companion!

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Sadly, there’s no mobile app to support the K-Ring, but the website is easy to use, adapts well to mobile/tablet displays and has the option to set up automatic loading.

You can manage the K-Ring just as you would any other debit/credit card and keep an eye on the usage. There’s no need to worry about running low on funds as the text message notifications sent to your smartphone, inform you of a low balance and your weekly status.

To top-up the K-Ring, you can do so manually on an ad-hoc basis or set up an automatic transfer. Moving funds on to the ring from a debit card are always free but there are a number of small fees when doing so from other sources.

Colour options for the K Ring. {Tech} for Travel.
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Unless you opt for one of the brighter colour options, the Ring is a fairly discerning device. It looks good, will suit anyone, yet gives no indication about its purpose or function.

  • 14 Different Colour combinations
  • Accepted globally
  • Waterproof
  • No fees for Top-Ups
  • Auto Top-Up function
How Much Does the K Ring Cost?

The K-Ring is £99 from the online store and is available across Europe. There are plans for a global roll-out soon (dates TBC).

Final Thoughts

K-Ring is perfect for travellers!

‘Hands-free’ travel on public transport. No need for cash by the pool. A safe way for parents to provide children on gap year travels with money, and peace of mind for said parents! The list goes on.

Yes, it’s not much use in areas where contactless payments are not that popular, as I found out on a recent trip to the US, but there are millions of outlets globally now accepting contactless.

If you find yourself in a city with contactless payments on public transport then the K-Ring is ideal.

The K-Ring has transformed my daily London commute for the better.

The only downside to owning a K-Ring Contactless Payment Ring is having to explain to cashiers how you just made a payment with an empty hand because they all ask!!

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