Review: Lypertek TEVI Earbuds – Wireless Music for a Week

Lypertek tevi earphones with case. {Tech} for Travel.
Lypertek TEVI Earbuds // Image Lypertek.
✔️ Battery Performance✘ Awkward Controls for big fingers
✔️ Lightweight Buds✘ Plastic Case
✔️ Good Comfortable Fit
✔️ Powerful Hands-Free Calling Mic
✔️ Charging Case

{Tech} for Travel Says….
Hands-On Review: There is a lot of technology in the Lypertek TEVI earbuds for the price.

With good audio playback, a charging case and a comfortble fit, these true wireless earphones have one of the best battery life durations I’ve tested.


Lypertek TEVI Earbuds

In the world of truly wireless earphones, devices under £100 would be considered ‘budget’. Yet, the Lypertek TEVI Earbuds pack so much in for the price, you’ll question why you need to spend more on other brands!

Wireless earbuds on a map with a passport. {Tech} for travel.
70 Hours of Battery Life // Image {Tech} for Travel.


With headphones of any variety, most would start with the playback, but by far the outstanding feature of the TEVI Earbuds is the battery power.

Lypertek claims that after being fully charged the buds will have about 10 hours of playback time and the case a further 60 hours. This means Six Charges before you need to worry about finding a USB-C charge cable.

A Week of Battery Power

As a guide, I commute for around 2 hours a day and use wireless headphones for calls & video meetings. I gave the TEVI’s a full charge and unplugged them Monday morning.

By the end of the week, the earphones were at around 60% remaining and the charging case was down to one light out of the 4 LEDs which act as an indicator of the charge remaining in it.

And if you do manage to run the buds flat, the case gives a 15-minute quick charge which will provide a further 2 hours of use!

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TEVI has the signature sound of LYPERTEK which is the result of a variety of psychoaccoustics / acoustic engineering studies and on long-standing know-how in the audio industry of LYPERTEK.

Earbuds in a charging case. {Tech} for Travel.
TEVI Earbuds & Case // Image Lypertek.

A worthy mention has to go the Qualcomm’s cVc 8.0 Noise Cancelling Microphone. For buds this small and that sit in the ear, you wouldn’t expect hands-free calling to be this clear.

Charging Case

One of my only real complaints, and it’s hardly a major issue, is the charging case.

It’s slightly on the big side but still small enough to be kept in a pocket, albeit with a noticeable bump!

On the surface, the case is finished in a fabric with an embossed Lypertek logo, but underneath is a very light cheap plastic shell.

Inside, the Bud ports are magnetic and do a good job of holding them in place. This also ensures a good connection for charging.

Overall though, the case serves its purpose well and is surprisingly lightweight for what is essentially a 60-hour battery pack.

Lypertek Tevi Earbuds size.  {Tech} for Travel.
Designed to fit well inside the ear // Image {Tech} for Travel.
Fit & Comfort

Not only were the Lypertek TEVI Earbuds comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but they also do a great job of staying still. In the box, there’s a selection of different sized rubber and foam tips to ensure the best possible fit for you.

Once in the ear, the buds only just stick out enough to be seen and would work well for sleeping with on an overnight flight, without causing to much discomfort.

Not once during the review period did a TEVI fall out when I was on the move or exercising.

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These are not Noise Cancelling, but thanks to the secure fit, the TEVI Earbuds do a great job of blocking out most external noises when you are on the move.

I had no problem listening to Podcasts while commuting on the London Underground, which IS a noisy ride!

Studio shoot of wireless earbuds called Tevi. {Tech} for Travel.
Wireless is the way forward // Image Lypertek.

At all times, the wireless connection between my Android device (and MacBook Pro in the office) was stable and delivered, for me, a satisfying listening experience.

There is support for the aptX and AAC codecs. Overall, the playback was good enough for me, but I could understand some may want more bass than what the TEVI can deliver.

At the top end, they can reach a high volume without too much distortion, but you wouldn’t go that far with in-ear Buds anyway.


If these are your first new wireless headphones in a while you’ll notice during set-up that now both EarBuds connect to your smartphone. This new feature, being adopted by most high-end wireless earphones, provides a better overall connection.

Thanks to this, you can just use one earbud or both, it’s up to you, and as they power on/off as you place, or remove, them from the case, the connection is automatic.

However, in Mono mode with just one, you do need your phone to gain full control of your music!


This is where I did struggle with the TEVI’s. On the flat front of each Bud is a push button. With bigger fingers you’ll find, like myself, you end up pushing the bud into your ear further. Which is not a great feeling.

Each side responds to a single click for play/pause and then a double or triple-click in either ear take the volume up & down or skip tracks.

It didn’t take long to remember which side did what, but this was overshadowed by me trying not to push the button too hard.

Tevi Earbuds charging.  {Tech} for Travel.
Reasonably priced & small enough to be in a travel bag // Image {Tech} for Travel.


I was not expecting to be so impressed during the review of the Lypertek TEVI Earbuds.

Although I struggled a bit with the controls at the start, the audio playback is far from budget even if the price is for such feature-rich earbuds.

  • Weight –
    • Case – 58g
    • Buds – 5g each
  • Colour Options – Black Only
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0
  • 10 Hours Playback
  • Charging Case w/60-Hours
  • In the Box
    • Charging Case
    • USB-C Charging Cable
    • Silicone & Foam Tips
    • Quick Start Manual

How Much Do the Lypertek TEVI Earbuds Cost?

The Lypertek TEVI Earbuds are £99.

Prime members can shop at their local Amazon store for the same price but with possible next day delivery.

// Media Lypertek YouTube Channel.

Final Thoughts…

Whilst testing the Lypertek TEVI Earbuds I mostly listened to podcasts, fairly heavy rock music and averaged around 6 video conferences a day. They performed well at each level.

During the Lypertek TEVI Earbuds Review, the battery life was so impressive for me. Anyone who can’t leave home without their headphones, or get caught short with a flat battery, should invest in a pair of TEVI buds.

Even if you favour the over-ear, noise-cancelling headphones for travel, which I do, the TEVI earbuds are the perfect audio insurance as that ‘spare pair’.

Are there better earbuds on the market? Yes. Are any of them £ for £ better value than the Lypertek Tevi Earbuds? Probably not!

These Earbuds are worth every penny for the performance, power and practicality they deliver!

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