Review: Ugreen Bluetooth Adapter – Use Wireless Headphones with a Nintendo Switch

How to use wireless headphones with a Nintendo Switch. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Ugreen Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch Image Tech for Travel<em><center>
✔️ Connects up to 2 headphones✘ Cannot charge from console power
✔️ Perfect fit on the console✘ No cover for USB-C port
✔️ Premium build quality✘ Blocks game card slot
✔️ Long battery performance✘ No travel pouch
✔️ USB-C Charging

{Tech} for Travel Says….
Hands-On Review: You’re probably reading this, for the same reason I wrote it. You couldn’t believe the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support wireless headphones and is the Ugreen Bluetooth Adapter the answer?

Well yes, it is!

UGreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter

For those of us that enjoy gaming when travelling, the Nintendo Switch is a great versatile console, but amazingly, it has no support for wireless headphones.

Step forward the Ugreen Bluetooth adapter, specifically designed and built for the Nintendo Switch console.

With a single multi-function button, colour combination to match the console and a promise of a very simple set-up, Ugreen claims it has a 10-meter barrier-free transmission reach without any loss.

A device to add wireless audio to a handheld console. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Easy to fit easier to pair Image Ugreen<em><center>


The device is a very simple one.

At the top end is a 3.5mm connector that plugs into the headphone port on your Nintendo Switch, and on the front, a single button.

This single multi-function button (MFB) has a series of different presses programmed in for the different tasks needed of it. Underneath the button is a small indicator light so you know what state the adapter is in (connected/pairing/on/off).

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At the base is a USB-C port for charging which is good and bad in equal measures. As most other devices use USB-C, it means you’ll likely not need another cable with you to charge the adapter when travelling.

Games console with 3rd party audio convertor. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>No wires here Image Tech for Travel<em><center>

However, the Ugreen Bluetooth Adapter doesn’t take a charge from the Nintendo Switch itself. So there will probably be times either the console or adapter will run flat before the other.

Bluetooth Pairing

Despite just a single button and pinhole indicator light, the set-up was straight forward enough. I had a pair of wireless earbuds and wireless headphones connected and working in just a matter of minutes.

A brilliant addition to the Nintendo Switch greatly improves the gaming experience!


Attaching the adapter was as easy as connecting a pair of wired headphones. Ugreen has done a good job in designing the adapter to fit neatly onto the Nintendo Switch.

Although the Bluetooth Adapter is made from hard plastic, on the surface that sits on the console Ugreen has applied a soft rubber surface so it doesn’t mark your handheld device.

A 3-second push starts up the Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter, which on first use goes straight into pairing mode.

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Many of us can struggle with Bluetooth pairing when there are no displays to inform us, and as I started up my earbuds, I turned the Bluetooth off on my iPhone so the buds went straight to pairing too.

If you know the sequence for moving your wireless earphones to pairing then you can skip that step.

Attach 2 wireless headphones to the with the Ugreen bluetooth adapter for travel. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Two players No problem with dual headphone support Image Ugreen<em><center>

Once they’re both in pairing mode the Ugreen Bluetooth adapter was consistently quick in discovering and pairing with my wireless devices. You could even pair it with a wireless speaker if you wanted too.

Audio Performance

The Ugreen Adapter benefits from Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX Low Latency technology, and promises a near lag free experience when using it with the Nintendo Switch.

Ideally, you would want your wireless headphones to mimic these features, but during this review I trialled 3 different pairs of earbuds and two pairs of headphones, one being ANC.

Overall I never experienced any delay or lag of the audio that impacted the gameplay. At one stage I had a slight crackling in the earpiece which was the result of me not having pressed the adapter in fully.

I would say the audio is not overly loud though. Even with ANC turned on the game sounds did appear a little muted. This wouldn’t stop me from purchasing the adapter though.

A child playing a handheld console with wireless headphones. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>The Ugreen design compliments the Switch Image Tech for Travel<em><center>


What I liked most about the Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter during the review was the attention to detail in the design.

Sure, when in use the colour scheme matches the standard Switch but it was the small touches like the inner rubber surface to protect your device and the flexible connector head to fit over cases.

The Ugreen Bluetooth Adapter works on both standard and Lite Switch models.

Ugreen Bluetooth Adapter
Dimensions (cm)5.5 x 1.7 x 2.4
Weight (g)13
Colour OptionsRed/Blue only
Connectors3.5mm | USB-C
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery120mAh Lithium Polymer
Charge Time2 Hours
Usage8 Hours
RangeUp to 10M
Frequency Range2.402GHz-2.480GHz
In the BoxUgreen Bluetooth Adapter
USB-C Charging Cable

How Much Does the Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter Cost?

The Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter is $34/£27 at Amazon.

EDIT: Ugreen has kindly sent over a 10% off code for {Tech} for Travel readers. Use code UGREEN88 at checkout.
This offer is stackable so works on top of the current 10% off Amazon are offering.

// Media Ugreen YouTube Channel.

Final Thoughts…

I was surprised to learn the Nintendo Switch didn’t support wireless headphones out of the box. For a console designed for home and travel use, such a feature should be as standard?

The Ugreen Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter not only resolves this shortfall but goes one further with dual headphone connectivity. This makes it perfect for children to game or stream, and share, content when travelling.

Sadly, it doesn’t come with a small travel pouch, but might fit into some of the larger Switch carry cases on the market.

Overall, the Ugreen Bluetooth adapter is a must-have addition to any Nintendo Switch owner, and I got to play hours of gaming for a review!

Make the most of your Switch when travelling, and add a Ugreen Bluetooth Adapter.

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