Review: UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds – Good, Built to Last Buds

UGREEN HiTune True Wireless Earbuds. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>New UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds Image Tech for Travel<em><center>
✔️ Great overall sound✘ No Volume Control
✔️ Comfortable fit✘ Some voice loss during long calls
✔️ Quality case✘ 5.8mm Driver
✔️ 9 Hour battery
✔️ Noise cancellation

{Tech} for Travel Says….
Hands-On Review: I can see why UGREEN were keen to show off the HiTune TWS Earbuds and have them reviewed.

Overall the sound hits the right notes, offer a good enough level of noise cancellation to travel with and can last a long haul flight on a single charge.

UGREEN HiTune Earbuds

Budget-friendly True Wireless earbuds are everywhere nowadays, and mostly, they’re great.

I’ve enjoyed testing many of them and the standards are high. Yes, there’s still a noticeable difference in performance compared to premium buds, but often, price matters.

Brands can’t get away with sub-standard units in the entry-level end of the market anymore and the new UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds are a good example of why the standard is so high.

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<center><em>A budget friendly premium experience Image Tech for Travel<em><center>


The headline feature for the UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbud review was the Qualcomm cVc 8.0 chip which brings a level of noise-cancelling technology.

In reality, this doesn’t perform as well as more expensive models, but it works very well in the HiTune buds.

Build Quality

I’d usually start an audio review with the sound quality, and not wanting to take away from that, but the build quality is impressive.

The HiTune earbuds are so well-engineered and balanced in the ear, I forgot I was still using the smallest ear tip. I’m normally an M to L size for the tips for the perfect fit.

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Each bud is finished in a hard, sleek plastic with the UGREEN logo disguising the touch sensitive control surface.

Often the case lets down entry-level earbuds. Yet the capsule-style charging case for the HiTune buds is one of the best quality cases I’ve seen in this range.

Built-in MEMS microphones and cVc 8.0 noise cancelling technology, effectively reduce the environmental noises and enhance your voice.

The sealed in-ear ergonomic design brings noise isolation effect for clearer sound, ensuring high-quality music and crystal-clear phone calls even in a noisy background.UGREEN

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<center><em>Well balanced buds for a comfortable fit Image Tech for Travel<em><center>
Small Driver,Good Sound

With just 5.8mm drivers, I was expecting the UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds to fall a little flat in this review. Other buds in this range tend to be 6mm and up, so 5.8mm was worryingly small.

The outcome though is a different matter, as they sound really good. This marketing video really hits the spot when watching it with the HiTune’s in.

Ideally, I’d like just a little more bass to give some more depth but at this price point, they are still overdelivering as an allrounder pair of buds.

The Qualcomm chip delivers a very crisp audio experience. If you spend a lot of time listening to podcasts or on video calls, the HiTune TWS Earbuds are a cost-effective addition to your travel kit.

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Touch Controls

This should be one of the most positive parts of the review but I need to address the elephant in the room.

There are no volume controls!

I can’ remember the last time I owned or used, a pair of headphones that didn’t have any form of volume control on them. Admittedly, if you are using them with a laptop controlling the volume is easier from the keyboard.

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<center><em>An all round good audio performance Image Tech for Travel<em><center>

But why would you want to keep taking your phone out to adjust it when travelling?

Apart from this omission, the controls that are there work so easy and well. At no point in the review did I need to apply pressure or get frustrated with the UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds. The touch sensitivity is very well tuned.

This is another testament to how well, overall, these Wireless earbuds has been built.

Power & Charging Case

Another big boast going into to the review was the impressive battery life UGREEN claimed the HiTune TWS Earbuds can deliver!

From a full charge, the buds alone delivered over 8 hours of playback for me, the marketing stated up to 9 hours.

However, this can be extended up to 27 hours. The capsule-style charging case will hold 18 hours of power, or, can fully charge the buds 2x whilst travelling.

UGREEN should be proud of this case. Others in this price bracket have a very plastic feel which seems weak and ready to break. You’d be forgiven for assuming this case belongs to a more expensive pair of buds.

On the front are 3 LEDs which are clearly displayed to show pairing and/or charging status. To the rear is a USB-C port for charging, a cable is included.

UGREEN Wireless earbuds best for travel. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>27 hours of playback Image Tech for Travel<em><center>


It’s the performance and power of the UGREEN HiTune that makes it a contender for your money.

The build quality and premium feel is what will win you over though.

If you visit the UGREEN YouTube Channel, there’s a great playlist of short how-to… videos covering the full functionality of the HiTune Earbuds.

UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds
Bud Dimensions (cm)2.5 x 2.5 x 1.5
Case Dimensions (cm)6 x 3 x 3
Bud Weight (g)5 each
Case + Bud Weight (g) 47
Colour OptionsBlack
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery (Buds)Up To 9 Hours
Battery (Case)18 Hours
Waterproof RatingIPX5
Driver Units (mm)5.8
In the BoxHiTune Earbuds
3 Pairs of tips (S/M/L)
USB-C Cable

How Much Do the UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds Cost?

The new UGREEN HiTune True Wireless Earbuds are /£39 direct from your local Amazon store.

Today on Amazon
// Media UGREEN YouTube Channel.

Final Thoughts…

It’s now clear to me that you no longer need to spend a fortune on so-called ‘High-end’ buds. During the review period, the UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds proved this fact.

9-hours of battery performance from the earbuds is more than enough for most travellers. And, despite the budget-friendly price, the case and buds have a mid to high end feel about them.

The HiTune TWS Earbuds are a great addition to the UGREEN line up which is increasingly focused on travel tech.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    I needed a cheap pair of buds for out of the house. Read another excellent review by you and it made my decision easy. Ordered from Amazon just now. I love the fact that the carry case holds charges as well, I’m sure I’ll get annoyed about the volume control, but if that is the only gripe, then that’ll do for me.
    Keep up the good work you do, as I really enjoy your site, though like many I’m not travelling much at the moment.

    • Cheers for the feedback and enjoy the earbuds. They’re great for use at home until you start travelling again.

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