Review: Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones – Tech Packed at a Great Price

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✔️ Comfortable Fit✘ Hard to Learn Controls
✔️ Long Battery Life✘ Styled Similar to AirPods
✔️ Slim Charging Case✘ White Case Attracts Dirt
✔️ Wireless Charging
✔️ Easy Pairing for Android & iOS

{Tech} for Travel Says….
Hands-On Review: These are some of the most comfortable buds I’ve worn. The Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones are exceptional value for the amount of features.

You’ll hardly notice you are wearing them!

Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones

Urbanista is committed to producing high-quality audio products for travellers. The current range covers most categories and types of portable audio devices; wired and wireless.

I got to spend some time with the team during #CES2020 where their passion and pride in serving affordable headphones while using the latest technology, for travelling with was clear.

Launched only a few months ago, Paris is now the flagship Truly Wireless earphone option from Urbanista.

Colour options for Urbanista Paris Earphones. {Tech} for Travel.
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Urbanista Paris Earphones seem to tick most boxes for travel-friendly wireless earphones according to the press release.

A good battery life, very light and comfortable to wear, a compact storage case and, most importantly, delivers clear audio in noisy environments.

And to my surprise, Urbanista delivered on these factors with only a few very minor issues along the way.

Urbanista Build & Design

At just 4g in weight, you will hardly notice the first time you wear the Paris earphones. To ensure a perfect fit, 3 pairs of silicone tips are included in the box.

I stuck with the medium-sized tips which provided a perfect fit, even for long periods of use, and gave a good seal to keep the music in and background noises out.

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On the inside of each arm is two small magnetic connectors used for charging when in the case, and on the outside, a single small blue LED to show what status the earphones are in.

The overall finish of each bud is smooth, almost satin-like to the touch. They feel good to hold and wear.

Paris Earphones Charging Case

Although you don’t buy wireless earphones just for the case, the Paris charging case is a nice addition.

It’s very pocket-friendly thanks to the slim design, has the same satin-like finish as the earphones and comes in matching colours.

Touch sensitive controls on wireless earphones. {Tech} for Travel.
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Just be aware, the White case is hard to keep clean.

On the outside, there’s a USB-C charging port and an LED to indicate the charging status. The case is finished with the brand name embossed on the front.

When it’s fully charged, which during this review of the Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones, was around 3 hours, the case gives you up to 20 hours of playback.

The earphones hold around 5 hours of battery life, which I found to be true when using them, and the case can store another 15 hours of charge.

And if all that’s not enough the case can be wirelessly charged on a QI enabled wireless charging pad.

How to Control the Urbanista Paris Earphones

One area I did struggle with these Urbanista earphones was on the controls. Now, this issue isn’t generic just to the Paris, as most true wireless devices are moving to touch only controls.

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Which from a styling point of view is fine, but from a functional point, it does take some getting used too.

  • Music Controls
    • Tap Left Bud Twice for Play/Pause
    • Touch Right Bud for 2 Seconds to Skip forward
    • Touch Left Bud for 2 Seconds to Skip back
    • One tap Right to Increase Volume
    • One tap Left to Decrease Volume

After some time, these actions do become second nature but just as you think you have it mastered you get a call you need to answer. This brings with it a new set of controls.

  • Call Answering
    • Double Tap Left or Right Bud to Answer
    • Double Tap Left or Right Bud to End Call
    • Touch & Hold Left or Right Bud for 2 seconds to Reject
Urbanista Paris Earphones in Green. {Tech} for Travel.
<center><em>Lightweight Comfortable perfect for travel Image Urbanista<em><center>

The earbuds automatically turn on when you remove them from the charging case and power down when placed back in it.

Playback & Performance

This is quickly becoming Urbanista’s most appealing feature, the strength of its signature sound and the Paris earbuds are no different.

During the review, I paired the Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones with both Apple and Android devices. The experience was easy and identical on both platforms due to the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Given the reasonable pricing on these and the lack of active noise cancellation, the performance is very good indeed.

Paris is designed in close collaboration with the famous audio engineer Axel Grell. The result is a superior sound quality.


Due to the snug in-ear fit of the bud tips, noise cancellation is passive yet the sound remains clear. Even on the subway!

When I set it a low volume level, I found my music to be clear with enough bass for my liking and not drowned out by external noises.

Alternative earphones to Airpods. {Tech} for Travel.
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Thanks to the weight, during the review of the Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones I found they were comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The build quality of the tips and ergonomic design means they stay in your ear without the feeling of being forced in.

In fact, the only time I felt I was going to lose one was during a gym workout otherwise, they stayed comfortably in my ear at all times.

  • Case Dimensions – 6.5 x 5.3 x 2cm
  • Weight –
    • Earbuds 4g each
    • Earbuds + Case 53g
  • Colours – Fluffy Cloud | Midnight Black | Olive Green | Rose Gold
  • USB-C | Qi Wireless Charging
  • 1.5 Hours Charge Time
  • 5 Hours Playback per Charge
  • 15 Hours of Additional Charge from the Case
  • Touch Controls
  • IPX3 Water-Resistant
  • Internal Microphone and Voice Assistant Support
  • Audio Specifications –
    • Driver Unit: 10mm
    • Speaker: Moving Coil
    • Codec: SBC, AAC, APTX
    • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20KHz

How Much Do the Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones Cost?

The Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones are £99/$99 direct from Urbanista.

Good news for Amazon shoppers and Prime members, the Paris Earphones are currently on sale from just £75/.

// Media Urbanista YouTube Channel.

Final Thoughts…

The Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones were incredibly light to wear and comfortable in the ear during the review. Audio playback is some of the best I’ve experienced without Active noise cancelling.

With four colour options, there is a style for most and with USB-C and Wireless charging, Urbanista has future-proofed its Paris Earphones for a good few years to come.

There is only one difference between the bigger brand earphones and the Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones………the price!

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