TECH: Top iPhone 8/8 Plus Cases


As people start to take delivery of their shiny new iPhone 8/8 Plus handsets, I look at the best options for protecting your expensive new devices!

Best iPhone 8/8 Plus Cases

Incase Lite Case for 8/8 Plus


The Lite is a textured, two compound case that sits firmly around your device.  Made from a polycarbonate back piece and a shock absorbent TPU bumper border.  Additional screen protection might be needed as the case only just sits proud of the display.  There is a choice of 6 colours for the 8 Plus version and four on the 8.

Prices start from $29.


Anker Karapax Touch for 8 Plus


If you have gone big for the Plus then there is every chance you may want a minimal case to reduce the bulk in your pocket.  The Karapax from Anker, has the perfect balance of soft TPU to safeguard your device whilst maintaining a slim enough profile. The smokey black colouring allows for your device to be seen through the casing so you do not lose all that styling Apple have put into your 8 Plus.

The Karapax is £8 from Amazon, and can be combined with other Anker products for a discount.


Otterbox Defender Series 8/8 Plus


The Otterbox Defender Series usually make any phone protection list for anyone.  These cases, which support both 8 and Plus, are no-nonsense, rugged, top to bottom protectors for your phone.  Yet, remain stylish and good to look at.  Every feature is covered including the home button and rear camera housing.  Apply with a screen protector for ultimate protection.

A choice of 4 colours direct from Otterbox at £43.  If you are only interested in the Black version, then Amazon has it for £37.


Apple Leather Case 8/8 Plus


If the feel of soft, or hard, rubber on your expensive device doesn’t do it for you, then why not care for it in an equally luxurious leather case from Apple!  There is a choice of 9 colours to choose from, including (Product) Red and have been designed to fit snuggly over your iPhone.

iPhone 8 is £45 and the iPhone 8 Plus cases are £49.


Slickwraps for iPhone8/8 Plus


If you want to protect your device but not a fan of cases, no matter how slim line they are, then let me introduce you to Slickwraps.  My current guilty pleasure! With 23 different styles and dozens of colour variants, there is a wrap for every taste.  They are not as straightforward to apply as a case, but not as tricky as you may think, there are even how to videos.  If you want protection without losing any of the Apple design then I recommend the Naked Wrap.

Prices start from $18, direct from Slickwrap.

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