Weekly Round-Up: Serifos, Greece.


This week I’m delighted to welcome Melanie from BRBTravel.  A blog that provides tips and guides for locations across the globe.

“Located in the west of the Cyclades, only 3 hours away from Athens by speedboat, Serifos is perfect for a weekend getaway, if you wish to relax and enjoy the Greek life or if you are the outdoorsy type or even do scuba diving.  There is something for everyone.

This hidden gem is full of white and blue houses, old windmills, churches with blue domes and has authentic cuisine and beautiful beaches.

Chora, the capital, is situated at the top of the hill and gives you breathtaking views of the island and the Aegean Sea. The mountains and their arid landscapes offer a perfect contrast with the blue waters and the white architecture. The island has several small towns, all easily accessible by bus, hiking or car. Rich in history, Serifos is known for its mining strike at the beginning of the century.

Now abandoned, the area around the mines provides surreal hikes with amazing viewpoints mixing nature and rusted mining bridges as well as rail cars.”


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