Weekly Round-Up: Cherry Blossom Season, Japan.


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Cherry Blossom lining an old world canal to the new world buildings.
Cherry Blossom lining an old world canal to the new world buildings. // Image PaulineTruong.com

Every traveller will have Cherry Blossom season in Japan on their bucket list!  This week I’ve been joined by Hon. Pauline Truong who has had many years of experience as an international lawyer, GlobePreneur, investor, advisor and writer, with a track record of awards, in many countries. She is featured on major mainstream media globally, including cover stories, and is a frequent guest lecturer and Keynote speaker at international universities and other professional events worldwide.

You can learn more about and connect with Pauline on her site.

“As a #GlobePreneur, one of my joys is seeing cherry blossoms in bloom around the world. Their spectacular display of energy, color and zest is quite amazing and vibrant. For many people, the blooming of the cherry blossom trees symbolizes human life, transience, renewal and nobleness. To me, cherry blossoms also signify female beauty, power, love, passion and strength. They remind us that our journey is beautiful but also very short, and that we should enjoy life to the fullest around the globe!”~ Hon. Pauline Truong

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Everyone should have the Google Maps App on their Smartphone. Whether for exploring new cities, a business trip or even your daily journey to the office, the app has many advantages.

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Sadly, many hotel chains are now locking down their in-room TV’s as they are more connected and run from a central network.

However, with the rise of AirBnB and self serviced appartements there is still plenty of reasons why you would want to have a media streaming device in your luggage for travel….. Read More.


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Away Luggage have added new colours to their popular Carry-On cases.

In a bold, if not, bright move, Tumi have updated their Alpha range with a luminescent green finish, for that Glow in The Dark effect!


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