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Goodbye to Google Trips App

Google has announced that they will stop supporting, and close, their rather useful travel App Trips on August 5th, 2019.

In a short memo/what to do next statement, Google confirmed the end date along with some guidelines on how to continue using their services for Travel.

Users with the Trips App installed will begin to receive notifications on their devices or when they next open the app.

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The short guide highlights how many of the Trips functions are now available within Google Search or Maps. Which is a fair statement as they do when you know how to find them.

But, Trips did a good job of keeping it all together and it’s a shame to see Google discontinue it.

In short, the app would scan your Gmail for travel bookings and pull them into a simple itinerary for you. It would then offer useful information such as local travel, places to visit and handy details such as emergency services for the area you were visiting.

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To avoid roaming charges you could download the full itinerary for offline use or share it with friends and family if needed.

One of the Best Apps, I Hardly Ever Used

Many frequent travellers rely on more powerful, paid for apps such as TripIt Pro. I’m one of them. But, I always had Trips running in the background, like an insurance policy.

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The brief notice in full:

Google Travel is shaping up to be a very powerful tool. Although many business users will have to stick with corporate apps, leisure and holiday travellers will benefit if they decide to use it.

I rarely book any travel now without using Google Flights. It has a very good user interface and makes even the most complex itineraries easy to work out.

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With Google now putting all its might behind Travel, I’m hoping for an even better experience.

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Do you use the app? Will you be sad to see Google close the Trips App? I’ll be using Google Travel for my next trip to see just how complete the new tool is.

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    • That’s great to know they did work for people. There is no mention of them being continued, and they’re not showing in Google Travel as yet, but fingers crossed!

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