Being eco-friendly is something most of us are aware of, and many do practice being so, as best we can, but being a frequent flier doesn’t always help! These two new TUMI Alpha Bravo backpacks are made from recycled materials, functional, and are TUMI through and through.

TUMI Alpa Bravo Infantry and Paratroop backpacks. {Tech} for Travel.
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TUMI Alpha Bravo Backpacks

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These two new backpacks to the Alpha Bravo range, Infantry & Paratrooper, bring an understated splash of colour to the current Blue Camo and Russet pieces along with functionality and sustainability.

Both of the Olive Green, or Spruce as TUMI has chosen, coloured backpacks convert from a single backpack into two separate packs for different purposes. Each of the smaller TUMI capsules is well incorporated into the Alpha Bravo Backpacks design and can easily be released when needed.

One important green, though, is in the build of both backpacks, with TUMI using recycled materials for manufacturing both bags. The inside has been lined with recycled polyester (PET) fabric, and the bindings, webbing, and zipper tape have been made from PET.

TUMI is committed to sustainability and innovation — a mission that inspired us to integrate recycled materials into this product. Carrying it helps keep your belongings safe while preserving the beauty of our planet.

Infantry TUMI 2-in-1 Alpha Bravo Backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
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“Infantry” Alpha Bravo Backpack

The larger and slightly cheaper of the two new Alpha Bravo TUMI, backpacks the Infantry has a generous 25L of capacity. It has a rear-mounted small travel bag which is attached by a 360° zipper. On the front are two webbing panels joined by an adjustable drawstring suitable for carrying larger items outside the backpack.

The exterior has two small quick-access pockets for smaller items and a luggage strap across the back so it can be fastened to the handle of a suitcase. Inside, the TUMI Alpha Bravo backpack is lined with recycled polyester in bright orange that gives a great contrast against the Spruce outer Ballistic Nylon.

There is a main storage compartment to the front of the Infantry pack and a laptop pocket to the back, which is suitable for notebooks and tablets up to 15″. Inside of the main pack is a smaller padded tablet pocket too.

TUMI Paratrooper Backpack transformers into a Tote. {Tech} for Travel.
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“Paratrooper” Alpha Bravo Backpack

The Infantry above provides a small travel bag to accompany the backpack, and Paratrooper transforms into a whole another bag; a Tote! And, while I’ve never been a Tote owner or user, I’ll happily go on record to say the TUMI Alpha Bravo Paratrooper is one of its best looking own brand backpacks I’ve seen in a long time.

It does share many similarities to the Infantry, but the shape is a slightly shorter, more squat appearance. There is more storage on the outside thanks to two external side pockets and the large front-facing pocket that forms part of the Tote. Again, the removable bag is attached to the main backpack by a 360° zipper.

The Tote bag also contains features such as a media pocket, an open pouch, key leash and credit card slots.

Inside, there’s slightly less storage space at 21.6L of capacity yet still has the 15″ laptop section and a padded tablet pocket for your devices. TUMI Tracer® is included with both Alpa Bravo backpacks along with a TUMI luggage tag.

TUMI 2-in-1 backpack and travel bag. {Tech} for Travel.
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TUMI Alpha Bravo Specifications

Dimensions48.5 x 17 x 31cm40.5 x 15 x 35.5cm
Colour OptionsSpruce/OrangeSpruce/Orange
Laptop CompartmentUp to 15″Up to 15″
TUMI Tracer®YesYes

TUMI Alpha Bravo Pricing

In total, there are four Alpha Bravo Backpacks in the TUMI Spruce coloured range. Alongside the Infantry and Paratrooper are Cadet & Barracks.

  • Infantry 5 | £395
  • Paratrooper 5 | £425
  • Cadet 5 | £450
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