Turo App Brings GO Instant Car Hire to the UK

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Turo Go Reaches the UK

Following on from San Francisco, San Diego and L.A. Turo have launched their Go Technology to the UK. With their app already updated, there is now another option for instant car rental pick up when visiting London.

To take advantage of the new feature in any of the above cities you need to be signed up at turo.com and have installed the app (Android | Apple).

Be aware this is still in pilot and only covers London at time of writing.

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Locate and Unlock Turo Cars

The peer-to-peer car-sharing experts have been working with Continental to develop a system that works “seamlessly” for both guest and host.

Vehicles installed with the Go technology will now be available for selection using the App Unlock filter (see above). If your app or web browser is not giving you this option yet you can use this link and modify your date/time to suit.

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Go, removes the need for a key to enter or start the vehicle which means the host doesn’t need to be present when you collect or return the car.

This saves time for the host and gives you, as the renter, more flexibility around when you collect the car.

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Go Technology adds another dynamic to the peer-to-peer car-sharing arena by offering a last-minute booking option without impacting the host.

GPS Locating

Providing cars fitted with the Go hardware are in your area, you can tap the app and be on your way as the hardware pinpoints the location of the car.

Turo Go is fine-tuned to maximize the device’s battery life and uses Bluetooth connection to enable hosts and guests to unlock from the app without a constant cellular connection.

And for push-to-start cars, Turo Go is a completely keyless experience and requires only the Turo app to use!


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Once the car has been collected the GPS location is no longer visible to the host although Turo themselves can still see this information. The renter will have complete visibility on the app during the rental period.

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This is a great addition to the portfolio. which will improve as more rental vehicles are fitted.

For Turo App users visiting or based in London, UK, Go opens up the Turo estate against similar offerings that mostly have small electric-only vehicles.

And although many of those have their place, having a choice is a good thing, and Turo offers plenty of it!

Join the Conversation

Are you a Turo App user in, or visiting the UK, and can the Go technology improve your rental experience?

Do you use any other peer-to-peer car-sharing scheme that offers a similar experience?

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Sign up and download the app at turo.com.

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