It’s here! The Best Travel Gadgets 2022 list is a selection of devices & luggage I believe will enhance your travels this year, give you value for money if replacing an older gadget, and keep you connected as you traverse the globe.

Each year, the {Tech} for Travel Best Travel Gadget Guide covers the most suitable technology for travellers.

{Tech} for Travel // Best Travel Gadget 2022 Guide

12. Satechi Slim X1 Keyboard – $69

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How good is the Slim X1 Bluetooth keyboard from Satechi? I started to review it and replaced my office keyboard with it. Whether you’re on the go or sitting at a desk, the X1 Slim is a brilliant keyboard for the size and price. The buttons on a thin keyboard often lack feedback when typing, but Satechi has worked wonders in delivering such a compact keyboard for travel with a desktop experience. // $69

11. Apple Watch Series 7 – $399 | £369

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Although Android support is non-existent, I still believe Apple Watch is the best smartwatch and wearable on the market for travellers (who use iPhone). With 3rd party apps bringing all of your essential travel details direct to your wrist, along with your boarding pass and gate number, it is handy! // $399 | £369

10. UGREEN 100W Charger – | £99 | €99

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The 4-port UGREEN 100W Desktop charger was designed to be stationary yet is perfect for any road warrior who frequently makes their hotel room an office. I reviewed it recently, and the 2-meter power cord and up to 100W USB-C output is the perfect solution to combat the lack of inconveniently placed power sockets. From 16″ MacBook Pro’s to earbuds, it can charge them all! (Review)

Shop UGREEN at // | £99 | €99

9. Edifier NeoBuds Pro Earbuds – $129 | £119

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If you want the best earbuds’ performance, style, and features for travelling without the eye-watering price tag, then the new Edifier NeoBuds Pro is for you. These ANC buds outperform any others at this price range, come with seven different sizes of antibacterial ear tips and have one of the best free to download apps I’ve used with any earbuds. (Review)

Shop Edifier at // $129 | £119

8. Nomatic/Gomatic Travel Pack – $299 | £229

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What better way to start 2022 by knowing that Nomatic luggage is available again in Europe! After a short hiatus, Nomatic, now known as Gomatic in the EU, is back on sale with the same superb packs, including my favourite, the Travel Pack. This expandable 20-30L pack is excellent for a short trip and has a padded laptop pocket and 22 different storage pockets.

(EU) or (US) // $299 | £229

7. App in the Air – Download for Free

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I use plenty of travel apps; some are very good, but there’s still only one I rely on depend on trust for my end to end travel needs, and that’s App in the Air. Before smartphones, people used travel wallets to store everything they needed, and AITA has not only built an app to keep all of this digitally but has continued to evolve during the covid pandemic to help travellers navigate the ever-changing travel rules.

Download on Android | Apple

6. Apple iPad Mini 6th Gen – $499 | £479 | €549

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Apple cranked up the iPad Mini credentials on the 6th Gen with a larger 8.3″ Liquid Retina Display, support for the latest generation of Apple Pencil and a massive leap to a 12MP front-facing camera. There’s no M1 chip just yet, but the A15 is more than powerful enough with the 5G connectivity to make this latest Mini a traveller’s best tablet for 2022. // $499 | £479 | €549

5. Google Pixel 6 Pro – $899 | £849

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The Pixel 6 Pro is where spec-heavy hardware finally meets the might of Google software, delivered on the latest Android 12 operating system and powered by Googles’s first Tensor Processor. It appears Pixel 6 Pro was built for travel with one of the best rear cameras on the market and features like Night Sight and Portrait Light bringing your images to life. // $899 | £849

4. Zendure Passport 3 – $69

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There are two types of travellers. Those who buy over-priced single type adapters at the airport and those who plan ahead. Travellers who like to prepare do so with Zendure. The new Zendure Passport 3 is the latest travel adapter from Zendure that works in over 200 countries, can charge six devices at one time and could replace your laptop charger, too. (Review) // $69

3. Bowers & Wilkins PI7 Earbuds – $399 | £349

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Bowers & Wilkins came up with something exceptional with the PI7 ANC earbuds. The large 9.2mm drivers are backed up by their own amps to work with the Qualcomm aptX technology to deliver superior sound that continually adjusts itself to give you the best possible experience. Want to use them on a flight? Plug the wireless charging case into the aircraft headphone port and stream the audio to the earbuds! // $399 | £349

2. Carl Friedrik Carry-On Pro – $550 | £400

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I think you’ll agree, this Carl Friedrik The Carry-On Pro case looks exquisite yet more than rugged enough to withstand life on the move. This premium hard-shell 43L capacity carry-on can be finished in one of three different coloured Italian Leather accents and offers a protective front pocket for your laptop or tablet and travel documents. Models purchased in Europe can have an optional portable battery included. // $550 | £400 | €525

1. Bose QC45 Headphones – $329 | £319

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After a short hiatus, Bose has reclaimed the over-ear top spot with its new QC45 headphones. Unlike the competition who are trying to deliver just the best headphones possible. The Bose QC range has always been about the best headphones for travelling. With simplified controls, two modes and an enhanced design for a more comfortable fit for long-haul use, the Bose QC45 are this year’s must-have travel tech. // $329 | £319

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