The new Rimowa Cabin Twist Range. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>A Splash of colour goes a long way Image Rimowa<em>

Rimowa Cabin Twist

There have been some great collaborations, limited editions and newly designed carry-ons in 2019. The usual rule is ‘never mess with a classic’, but the Rimowa Cabin Twist has done just that with a colourful twist!

Now, if you use any frequent traveller forums or websites, you’ll know many Rimowa fans swear by their cases. And the Original Cabin is possibly the most popular.

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Rimowa has launched a new version of the Cabin called Twist. It’s still the same great case, but now you can personalise the appearance with different colours on the fixtures.

An open Rimowa carry-on. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>Different on the outside same on the inside Image Rimowa<em>
A Dash of Colour

There is a choice of Red, Blue or Cognac fixings that can be selected on the Silver aluminium carry-on only.

This sleek original with a pop of colour is a sophisticated blend of luxurious materials expertly engineered and thoughtfully combined for an iconic statement.


The coloured fixings include leather accents on both the grab and telescopic handles, the housing area around the dual locks and the rubber seal that runs around nearly the entire case circumference.

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There are no other differences between the Twist and Original, which could make the price gap hard to swallow for some!

But the colours are well chosen and complement the world-famous classic Carry-On.

Rimowa carry-on twist in cognac. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>Original Cabin Twist in Cognac Image Rimowa<em>


A quick refresher, if needed, on the specifications but to confirm the Original and Twist are the same case.

  • Dimensions – 55.1 x 40.1 x 23.1cm
  • Weight – 4.5kg
  • Capacity – 35L
  • Aluminium Shell
  • Twist Colours – Reb, Blue or Cognac
How Much Does the Rimowa Original Cabin Twist Cost?

All three Rimowa Cabin Twist Carry-On variants are £930/€1000 and available direct from Rimowa in select markets. For reference, the original is £820/€840.

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Do extra options like colour highlights sway your choice when purchasing a new case?

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  1. Just picked up the cognac version while on a short trip to Rome. Love the look and not a huge premium considering how unique it looks. The leather is of very nice quality commiserate with the rest of the bag

  2. Considering that Rimova was sold and is not a German company anymore, that the prices were raised considerably and the quality is not much better than other quality products, I turned away from Rimova after using it for 25 years. As aircrew traveling to and from our airplanes I check in my luggage at lest 6 times a month up to 10 times and every check in luggage gets destroyed within a 5 year period. An onboard trolley with 4.5 kg weight is also too heavy for the, at some places enforced, 8kg limit.
    Really frequent travelers need a highest quality product and not a fancy fashion item. I need a repair shop and a place to exchange suitcases for repair but many of the Rimova offering stores were discontinued or had to stop selling Rimova products under the new management so customers now have to go to “Lifestyle Locations” like downtown Munich.
    This is too complicated and is not what the Rimova company originally was standing for.

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